Shoot for the Moon #50 – My first catalog

It is time to submit all the paperwork for Houston-Fall 2010 International Quilt Market. I will be taking a single booth again. It is SO expensive to get a booth. 1,200.00 buys you an empty 10 x10 space for three days! That does not include and chairs, tables,  supports or rugs! CRAZY! We have discussed with the ever growing line it is going to be impossible to show all our products, so I have to design a catalog – our first. I will be starting that process this week. I will post pictures of the spreads as I get them together.

Take note that it is my 50th Blog post that I am announcing my first  catalog. It takes a long time to build up enough of a line to make a catalog and a large enough presence in the market place to justify one.

I looked back to my #14 Shoot for the Moon blog posting a year ago. A year ago I was filling out paperwork for my first Houston visit. I spoke about keepsake quilting featuring my Stamp quilts in their catalog.  I spoke about how the distributors in the field want to buy wholesale less another 30%. We still have not gone the distributor route. We have decided to only go to the “Market” portion of Houston this year. Going to Festival (general public) as well is just too much at this time.

I wonder what number blog posting will be in store next year at this time? Will I be in Houston again? Will I have two booths? Will I be with distributors? The growth of this business is fascinating to me! I really hope this blog serves as a detailed documentation of the journey of a quilter into the professional pattern making/book publishing venues. Stay tuned!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cindy Reaper
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 21:29:08

    I feel like I am going through this whole “growing/pattern/blog/book/market” journey with you. I am so excited for you and pleased to be able to travel and grow vicariously with you! Keep flying! and thank you! Cindy Reaper


    • zebrapatterns
      Jun 29, 2010 @ 04:36:37

      Cindy –
      Thanks for your comment – I am glad you are following. It is quite an adventure! Where are you from?


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