CALL FOR ENTRIES!!!! New Book – “Blocks Around the World” CALL FOR ENTRIES!!!!

I know – I know- I am crazy! The first book is not even printed yet and I am starting on the next?

Hey – don’t want any grass to grow under my feet! LOL! So here is the deal. I am planning to write another book called Blocks Around the World by 2011. It will be an excellent follow up book proposal to Blocks Across America being published this December by C&T Publishing.

BLOCKS AROUND the WORLD – the second book in a series by Debra Gabel


The book theme is World City Destination blocks. (See above graphics) It will be 35-50 great location blocks- one representing each world city chosen. The concept is that quilters can pick an assortment of blocks that have particular meaning to them. I was thinking of integrating them into some traditional patterns – like Irish chain? star patterns? log cabin?- what ever.   This concept is a spin-off from the Nation stamps and the first book Blocks Across America due out in Dec 2010.  The blocks paper patterns are for  6″ squares so they would need other fabric elements/blocks to make a quilt. Blocks can be enlarged to ANY size. Pattern elements can be added or excluded. I am requesting that you  pretend you purchased the book and you decide which ones and how to make them up. I also thought this would be a cool “bucket list” quilt! Imagaine a quilt of all the places you would like to visit!

Looking for…

I am looking for quilters who would like to test my book patterns for my second book, Blocks Around the World.  You need to know how to raw edge applique or turned edge applique. You need to be willing to work on these blocks/quilt over the next 10  months and have the final product completed on or around  May 15, 2011. Volunteers will be invited to join an online private yahoo group. The group will have total access to all of the patterns in the proposed book. Before proceeding all volunteers must sign an agreement that will be posted on the yahoo site. Volunteers whose pix are used in the book will receive a FREE autographed copy be able to purchase additional copies at wholesale (half the retail price).  Volunteers will be able to contribute ideas and critique to the book. I will be accepting 20+/- volunteers.

How will it work?

I would like quilters to use the patterns and use them as if they had purchased the book themselves. I would like you to make the squares and then put them into a quilt, or tote, or wall hanging – or table runner or what ever. I am looking to see what you can make with the blocks.  Last book we had place mats, totes, queen sized quilts, wall hangings and other cool projects. I do not really care what you do. I just need finished samples for my book that are made by real quilters. I do not want to make any requests as I do not want to limit anyone’s creativity. I will chose samples with publisher if they pick up the second book,  and include them in my book gallery section. If they get chosen you will have full credit and your piece published as well as get a free finished book. (I will return your pieces after I get photographs. If they get professional published they may be gone for up to 10 months)

How do I Sign up to be a BAW Volunteer?

I would like you to email me at

1. In the subject line of the heading please put: “BAW  Book Volunteer”.

2. In the body of the email please put your email, name, address and a phone I can reach you at. (Must include all)

3. Describe the project that you had in mind. (Size and type of quilt… ex: throw, bed quilt, runner, tote – etc)

4. Next list and special requests for suitable cities.

How do I know if I am accepted in program?

You will receive a confirmation from me via email and I will send you an invite to join the Yahoo group where all the files are stored.  You will be required to sign a release saying that you are taking part and will not distribute or reproduce my pattern other than for this program. You will also be signing that you will keep the concept and designs confidential and until after the book is released.

When are they due?

For now I wrote a completion date of May 15, 2011. That is subject to change of course. I would not imagine it would be any sooner – maybe further out.

Confidentiality. Who can know?

Last book I was really worried about the ideas in the book getting out. This time around I am not going to restrict you showing your friends or guild members but sharing the files with anyone is strictly prohibited.So what do you say? Are you in

How does all that sound?

I think it will be fun and those of you who have been following me and or my blog would be able to take part in my second book. It might be cool to include a brief paragraph describing why certain states were included in your quilt. I know there are a ton of very talented quilters out there who might love this challenge opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you! Debra


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lindaschiffer
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 18:36:08

    How about including Wonders of the World as long as we are talking ‘bucket list’ – Grand Canyon, Great Wall, Australian Barrier Reef, etc. 🙂



  2. Susan Shiveley
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 18:23:59

    Are you going to make a block for Cairo, or at least the Gaza Strip where the Sphinx and Pyramids are?


    • zebrapatterns
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 18:48:00

      Oh I would never leave out Cairo! It will be in there with pyramids! Thanks for your comment. Debra


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