Shoot for the Moon #54 Aloha!

Right now I am sitting in Maui writing this post. Below is a pix at sundown from our Balcony window in Ohau. Below that is a view from our Maui window – rainbows every night!

We are here for two weeks – only three days left. It has been fun and relaxing.My kids are loving the surfing. I love the local color and art galleries. I went to Vladimir Kush’s studio in Lahina Maui – and he is my new favorite living artist. He is a realist! His work is amazing. Original painting go for 30-90 thousand. Giclees (technical oil reproductions) go for 1,00-6,000. I do love abstract art but I tend to be a realist – it is nice to see this 45 year old artist creating historic art. The art is reminiscent of Salvador Dali – however it is not based on dreams – but based on abstract thoughts in metaphor. It gave me much inspiration for my art quilts. The style reminded me of my Aqua Aurora – take a look at mine below then look at his work. (Not that mine is anywhere near the expertise of his – but the same feel) It was nice to see realist in contemporary art validated. Interesting huh?

I worked a little while I was here on the catalog for Houston. Also I have been working with C&T with the finishing details for my book Blocks Across America. I continued to be amazed at the amount of work that goes into a book. The book is up to 75-80 pages. Stay tuned – more to come!


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