Shoot for the Moon #57


Well, let’s start with the home front. Yesterday we sent off our oldest son, Brooks, to college. He is a Division 1 swimmer at University of Maryland. I am sure you are all asking – did you cry? No – no tears. He is a great kid so ready for college and making his own life. Plus he is only 45-60 minutes away in College Park.  Austin and Cole are getting ready for 10th grade and 8th grade respectively.

Book – Blocks Across America

I just approved the final proof of the book. I am now dealing with C&T marketing. The book is already on Amazon! Now that I have gone through most of the process I can say it has been a lot of work! I got a big package with all my volunteer samples. It will be off to the printer VERY soon! Pretty exciting!

During the process I had some anguish about the cover. C&T designed one cover and I had something else in mind. After talking with the Creative director it was explained to me that the cover is really owned by the “marketing department”. She explained the importance of the cover reading well at a smaller size when placed in catalogs and on websites. Okay – now I get it.

I was really hesitant to say much during the whole process. I now know that was a mistake. As soon as something was bothering me I should have picked up the telephone and spoken with the Creative Director. Most of the book was handled via email. Hind-site is always ….. you know the rest.

Colorado Statestamp

I have turned out  one more StateStamp before Houston Market. Colorado. Like the others, it will be available as panels and mini panels first and eventually made into a written applique pattern. Take a look:

More to come…


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