Shoot for the Moon – not me! #60

Don’t Shoot me!

I just finished designing Moscow for my next book – Blocks Around the World with C&T Publishing. OMG! It is a block featuring St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. You know the multi-colored building with onion shaped multicolored towers? There are so many embellishments on this building it is crazy! All I could think of is quilters cursing me out while the tried to assemble such a complex image. I will be suggesting to use lace and fabric markers/paints for some of the detail. It is an amazing structure! Just remember when you are all finished with the block it makes an awesome block! So this is my disclaimer – even before the book is finished – Don’t shot me! Be like a postage stamp on this one…stick with it until you get where you need to go!

Design Frenzy!

I find it so cool that as an artist I get into designing zones! This past week has been one of those cycles! I designed 12 quilt labels for C&T, I designed four new baby animal caricatures for an upcoming BOM baby quilt, and I have been working on Moscow.  I find they come best when I am less stressed, well rested and not under any pressing deadlines. I have been making a conscious effort to try to simplify each day and to be better prepared for upcoming shows and lectures. Sounds logical – but it really takes a focused effort to do so!  I really LOVE LOVE LOVE to design. I love taking a blank screen on the computer or a blank page from my sketchbook and making something new. It is cool to imagine where this design may land some day! I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the ability to recognize what I really love to do and have the ability to execute my thoughts and share them with other quilters!


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