Shoot for the Moon #61- The Big Show

Next Thursday I will head back to Houston for my third International Quilt Market. It has been a rough few weeks! I have had two shows in the past three weeks that I have vended at. I have been getting ready for Houston and I have been writing my second book – Blocks Around the World. In fact I just posted Jerusalem, Israel on my special Blocks Around the World Yahoo Group.

So how am I feeling going back to the big show?

Silly enough I am uptight again! I have been there before and I also did Pittsburgh 1-1/2 years ago. I pretty much know what to expect but it is still overwhelming. Overwhelming to ship everything and get all supplies ready to travel to the deep south. This year I have printed a 12 page catalog! It came out really nice and is very impressive. It will be nice to hand potential customers a professional jammed packed catalog. I have several new stamps and I will introduce my new book. I also have a new collection of florals. I am really hoping that C&T has a advance copy at the show.

I will be doing a schoolhouse presentation. I am ready for that this year. Last year was a presentation disaster!!!! This year I have a large flip book and samples. I also made a FREE GIVE AWAY. It is a mini stamp of the Houston Quilt Show. It is pretty cool. I do feel better prepared.  I will be located at the entrance this year on an end. I got an end because last year the show guide had my booth number wrong! That was costly.

All I can do is my best! This past week I got hit with a major cold. Fevers and head congestion with a croupy cough and sore throat kept me down a bit! That was a real bummer.

This year we will only be doing Quilt market – which is a three day show for shop owners only. Last year we did both market and 5 days of festival. We were there for 11 days! It was way too much! We decided to do market and perhaps do a large local retail show next year. Maybe we will look at Harrisburg, Chicago or Hampton.  I would like to try a big show that I can drive to.

Best of  Show in Bethesda MD

Last weekend the Nimblefingers Quilt Guild had a large quilt show in the D.C. area. My chuppah quilt that I made for my nephew/niece Michele and Ross took Best of Show in the large quilt category. That was very nice as the show had excellent work throughout. I need to take a good photo of that quilt. It is HUGE at 110 x 110″. I bought some photo lights a few months ago and need to set them up and get that quilt photographed. When It is done I will post a pix for you.


I will catch you up on the goings on in Houston after next Tuesday – so stay tuned!!


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