Shoot for the Moon #62 – PLAN B – going to Houston for Quilt Festival

Okay – and exactly why did I start this pattern business again?

Today the sh## hit the fan! Gary (my husband)  and I were supposed to fly out to Houston in the morning to the show. We would have Thursday night and Friday to set up. The show is on Sat-Mon. and we would return Tues. Well, Gary’s mom in Florida is quite ill in the hospital. Turns out she will be needing surgery on or before next Tuesday. So while we are all very concerned I need to figure out how to get a grip! Sometimes when things are chaotic it is best to stop running in circles and just breathe. So right now while I am breathing I thought I could blog to clear my head and really tell you about what it takes to be in this business – or any business that is in it’s infancy. So if you are someone contemplating becoming a small business owner you always have to have plan B!

So what did I do right?

1. Got my catalog done weeks ago so that I had no worries about getting that together at the last minute.

2. Literally have been prepping presentation materials, order forms etc weeks in advance for just such an emergency!

3. Had everything packed an ready to go Monday for the week.


What could I have done better?

1. I wanted a few more samples done – but I have product to show – just not as many samples.

2. I should have planned for at least one other person to come and help. Last year we had 5 people helping – this year we only thought the two of us would go – and now it is down to one! I have already lined up my third person (Mindy) to come in 2011 –

What did I do?

So I put a plan into action. I called several friends and quilt buddies along with a few family quilters. My sister who lives in NY will fly down tomorrow and be with me for the weekend.

I tried to remain calm and kept saying to myself – “this too shall pass”.

I am getting everything together and making alternate plans to get to and from the airports, made my sister’s reservations and figured it all out the best I can.

Thoughts and reflections:

After all the hard work the past year and a half it is kind of nutty that the day before market things go haywire. It is days like this that I am asking myself…is this all worth it? Remember I still have two boys at home that have soccer, swimming, Halloween and basketball over the next 5 days. Is this what it takes to start a business? Constant hard hard hard work and juggling? I wonder if I read a two year blog about starting a pattern business if  I would go ahead with such ambitions? Well I guess I will see. You know how a runner hits a wall – maybe this is just another wall to get beyond. Maybe the wall is falling on my head saying – hey dummy – this is a bad idea! Well – I am taking a deep breath and moving forward – send positive thought to us in Houston! I promise to update you on everything here when I get back on Tues – Wed!Oh yes – I am freaking a little – and trying to keep it all together!

More to come….



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