#64 Shoot for the Moon – Swamped here in MD!

Basket Blooms

I have been really working hard along with my studio assistant/friend/pal – Patti. We have made the first 6 blocks of the Basket Blooms – and they are stunning!

We are making 4 of each block. One quilt will be for Patti the other will be my samples.  I have the patterns all done and we are working on colors.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:00 noon I opened an express package from C&T containing my advance copy of the actual book! OMG it is great! Those crazy ladies at C&T sent me a beautiful Orchid with the book. They are sooooo nice, soooo professional and sooooo creative! I am so happy my first book was through them! I am booking all sorts of book signings. We are having a studio tour/book signing in January for Milltown Quilters of Columbia. If your guild or small group of 10 or more would like to do the same contact me at debra@zebrapatterns.com.

Bias Maker

Making 4 quilts of Basket Blooms required lots and lots of bias! We went to the store and bought the Simplicity Bias maker – OMG – It is so cool! You feed strips in and it folds and presses the fabric making perfect bias tape! It is awesome. I got it on sale at JoAnns for 79.00 but I understand it is at Walmart for 65. !

This and That

I am so busy filling orders and making custom CDs for BOM customers! I went with my son Brooks to see Carrie Underwood last night – man that chick has pipes! We had a great time.

Okay – back to work for me!

Oh – want to see a photo of Block One for Basket Blooms? It is just fused – but the basket is woven bias tape that we made in the handy dandy bias maker! More to come!


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