Happy Holidays and a Healthy & Productive 2011!

Happy Holidays from Debra Gabel and her family!

Greetings to all at the end of this year,

A short note with updates, and a dash of good cheer!

The Maryland Gabels are all well as can be,

It’s been a year full of changes, as you shall soon see.


Brooks graduated from high school with great grades and vim,

He’s now at University of Maryland and division 1 swim.

He attends the Smith business school, it’s a fine little sitch,

He is studying marketing, in the music business niche.


Austin in 10th grade is as smart as can be,

He spends lots of time at UMBC.

He swims most days and he keeps very fit,

And this year he drives a with a learners permit.


Then there is Cole our beloved third born,

In eighth grade at school and still a pistol, I warn.

Cole plays soccer, it is a great little sport,

If not on the field he’s on a basketball court.


Gary can be found always working at home,

In his office day and night and glued to the phone.

Each day filled with chores, little time left to spare,

No time wasted grooming, as his head has no hair!


A new studio for Deb, my own little nook,

This year was a milestone, I published a book!

Go to zebrapatterns.com to see what I do,

If you know a quilter nearby, have them look there too!


That is the wrap up of 2010,

The pictures provided and this note that we send.

One last thought for this wonderful year,

Health and happiness to you and holiday cheer!


All our Best,

Gary, Deb, Brooks, Austin and Cole


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