#68 Shoot for the Moon – Another radio interview! this time with Mark Lipinsky

Holiday wrap up

Hope you all had a great time eating for 10 days – I mean had a great holiday season! Here is what I was up to.

I had 23 guests for Christmas break and I cooked, and cleaned up, and ate. Then the next day I cooked, cleaned and ate, and repeat this three or four more times and that sums up my weekend! I do love to cook. We got to see my great family and that is always special. I spent time with my nieces and my sister and it was very fun!

My best gift was from my hubby – a serger! It was a great gift – just the wrong machine. I really wanted one of the Babylocks with the autothreading! So we will look into that in the next few weeks. But sergers are great – they sew at a million miles an hour! Love that! I guess the brochure sitting in plain view on the kitchen counter for the past six months no matter what had a impact! lol!

Blocks Across America BOOK! 6-9 pm on Jan 6-and 7, 2011

I am hosting two open house events at my studio this week. Thursday and Friday nights 6-9 pm are open house at my new studio and there will be light refreshments and my first book will be available to be signed! I will be offering a short lecture free and a Q&A period. If you would like to stop by – now is the time!

Next Book!

I am cranking up the production on my next book – Blocks Around the World. This weekend I traveled to Dublin, Toronto and Brussels! I really think i may need to go and see every country I made a block for! I love learning about all these countries. In fact I might need to apply to Jeopardy after this next book i am learning so much!


Mark Lipinsky – Radio interview

Okay – so it is December 24th and my cell phone rings in my car on the way to dropping off my kid to basketball. HELLO – Debra – this is Mark Lipinsky. He wants to do an interview on January 5th on my new book – Blocks Across America! Cool! I am in! So I just got off the phone with Mark and we will be doing it on January 5th – live. I do not know many of the details yet – I know it is only a few days away – but stay tuned and I will post the details! I know it is some radio show Mark does and I will be getting a call at 4:10 and that it will be available as a podcast on itunes. What ever! I will let you know but with Mark you can be sure it will be tons of fun!

New Year thoughts and Inspiration

May I just say that I wish everyone a productive year! I really mean that literally. I hope that you produce more work than any other year so far in your life. I know that if I am productive that I feel happy and confident. I often tell my kids my wish for them is to grow to learn as much as they can and to be productive. I am not a Mom who wishes their kids “just grow up to be happy”. I know if they are productive they will be happy. I wish for my kids and for all who are reading this blog – be productive. Being productive involves work. Working hard is very good. I challenge you to write down your goals in quilting or art making or in any other area of your life – keep them simple and go to work.

My goals are to

1. To finish a second book.

2. To create another BOM program (which is almost complete – just waiting on the last few blocks for photography)

3. Get a start on a third book

4. To travel and lecture a little more/a little farther

5. To expand my Zebra Patterns/Debra Gabel brand

6. To always do my best

7. Be thoughtful with my words

8. To not take rejections personally

9. To not assume anything.

10. To work hard and reflect back thoughtfully and often

11. To try to inspire others

12. To spread the word about quilting to our youth




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