#69 Overwhelmed – by Shooting for the Moon…

For those loyal blog followers that have been following my blog “shoot for the moon” this is a “pulse” of how I am feeling about my business – now over 5 years going like mad. Sometimes I think about the old phrase… watch out what you wish for…. Well it seems like suddenly Zebra is soaring to new heights. The orders are coming in regularly. The order sizes are increasing exponentially. And I am busier than ever.

While my mind knows…this level of activity and business is EXACTLY what I was shooting for, somehow it seems to have reached new heights. My business is definitely at the “next stage”. We are ordering patterns by the hundreds and more and more opportunities are popping up each day. I am sure you are all thinking – ahh – that is such a nice problem to have – and it is! Make no bones about it – I appreciate all that has come my way but that does not remove my feelings of being overwhelmed.
Today I woke at 6:30 and made a huge pot of chili for Valentines dinner tonight. I was out in the studio by 8 after getting the kids to school. I went to the studio and was literally paralyzed. I just sat at my desk and REALLY did not know what to do first. I think I was overwhelmed because there are “spill overs” of the business in almost every room in my house. This weekend my husband put in shelving of our family room for even more storage of patterns. We used to have two large plastic tubs which became a 10 by ten foot shelving area, then spread to another 5 x 10 wall and then to another 5 x 10 wall. We soon took over a huge 6 drawer filing cabinet and then onto an huge office size filing cabinet. Now we are literally moving stuff out of the family room where we stored scrapbooks and games to house more patterns. I think that is what sent me over the edge. I walked into the family room and saw a pile of scrapbooks and such that have to be relocated. That made me realize that there is only one closet left in the basement that does not have patterns in it.

I think it is important for the accuracy of this blog’s intent to record these feelings of uncertainty. Am I going to be able to keep up with this pace? Is it time to start hiring people? All profits being made are being put back into the business for more storage and more patterns. Is there money to hire people? Once you start hiring people that becomes a whole other level of paperwork for employment.

We recently took on Checker – a national sewing and notions distributor. That has proven to really be putting Zebra in the lime light and it has only been 2 weeks! Also my book “Blocks Across America” by C&T dropped and has been also shining the light. I guess being “out of commission for three weeks” while my dad was sick and passed was a forced segment of downtime and coming back this week was eye opening. I feel like I was jogging on a treadmill and I had to get off to go to the ladies room. When I returned someone turned up the belt to a break neck speed. I am trying to “breathe”! This too shall pass. We will get though it but right now things are dicy!

I just got back two finished quilts from Maria O’Haver – my long arm quilter – of my new Block of the Month “Basket Blooms”. They came out sensational! I showed a small group of quilters yesterday and they were well received.

Okay – I guess I have gotten out the “OMG” in my head for the moment. All I can do it keep on keeping on. I have my list of “to do” items and I will press forward. I do think it is important to document the anxiety that goes along with shooting for the moon. I do not find myself in the space of “being completely overwhelmed” often – but I certainly know where “Overwhelmed lives!”.

Look below at the Next BOM – Basket Blooms. More to come!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LINDA
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 15:39:08

    Gorgeous. Where can I sign up?


    • zebrapatterns
      Mar 21, 2011 @ 15:41:40

      You can call Sew Vac in Ellicott City, MD
      Patches in Mt Airy MD or
      Calico Gals in NY or
      Quilt Beginnings in Columbus Ohio


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