CD for Blocks Across America – PLEASE READ!

I have gotten some emails about the format of the CD in my first book Blocks Across America by C&T publishing. The files on the CD are in an eps format.
Below are detailed instructions how to open these files on a PC if you are having trouble. This email was from C&T tech department:

FROM C&T Publishing:

1st printing CD contains patterns in eps format.

On a Mac, you can use the native program, Preview, to open and convert the eps files to pdf files so they can be printed.

There are also many online resources available to convert the files. We have tested, and received positive customer feedback, using the process on the following site:


Once you have converted a file, you should be able to “Save as PDF” from within the Print command.

Other conversion sites:

Zamar – Free online file conversion


To ensure PDF files print properly:
1. Open the file in Adobe Reader (free program available from and choose File > Print. (If the Print dialog box contains only two pop-up menus and some buttons across the bottom, click the disclosure triangle next to the Printer pop-up menu.)
2. Page Scaling should be set to “None.”
3. Click on the Print button at the bottom of the dialog box.


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