#72 Crunch Time While Shooting for the Moon and Free class


There are so many things happening in the next few weeks! It is mind boggling! I just wrote out this whole long posting and it disappeared! UGH! Crazyville!

So here we go again.

Crunch Time

My second book is due to C&T – World Cities. I am receiving samples left and right. Many of them are AMAZING!!!! I have just a few details to finish up on the manuscript and it will be complete. The trick is getting a minute to myself. I have had shows/lectures/ kids events – you name it! Also my Mom is here with me as my Dad passed in January. We have to go back to NY for the interment of his body as he died in January when there was snow and the ground was too frozen. I have to tell you I am spread way too thin!

Lesson Learned…

When you are a  national teacher and are selling patterns Nationally around the country you have to plan carefully. I am now booking lectures and workshops into 2013. Today in April of 2011 the schedule looks wide open – but by the time 18 months pass one is overwhelmed in commitments. This month alone I had two local speaking engagements, a guild in Ohio, my book was due, and I am vending this weekend in Columbia and vended in Bowie a few weeks ago. It is WAY too much! Somehow I have to only Schedule one event per week and then leave at least 1 full week in between. I am going to have to block out the last three weeks of a book commitment to allow time to package everything up for the publisher and add any last minute adjustments. So my goal after my show in Salt Lake City is to SLOW DOWN!!!!! I really hope to get back to some art quilting. My third nephew is getting married in Fall and I am committed to do another Chuppah. This one is going to be in jewel tones and contemporary. I will post my progress on the Chuppah if you want to follow my process. This will start after Market.

Salt Lake City – International Quilt Market

That date is coming so fast I can hardly believe it! I have just finished my free give away design – Here it is:

Salt Lake City Spring Market Give Away

FREE CLASS Opportunity

In May Patti Rusk, my studio assistant,  will be shadowing me in a FREE RAW EDGE APPLIQUE CLASS! We will be doing the Poinsettia pattern. The purpose is to teach my whole applique class so that Patti can learn how I do the class. We will be offering 6-8 slots and the class and the pattern are free. Patti will then teach another class by herself  in June ,and again the class will be FREE.  There will be a kit available if you want one for 15.00 – It will include everything you need to make the Poinsettia top (fabric/pattern/ fusible), and 10.00 more if you want the backing, batting and sashing. You need to contact Patti directly if you want a spot. Patti has times and dates. Patti: plrusk@msn.com


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