Salt Lake City Round-up!

Salt Lake City Spring Market Give Away

We’re Back!

We are back from Salt Lake City! It was a good show for us but very tiring. We arrived home late Monday night and Tuesday /Wednesday were catch up days at home. My overall impression of Market is that it was down in attendance. Our business was steady but slower than Houston markets. We did well. As far as trends – we saw the typical civil war products and a ton of Amy Butler knock offs. Amy Butler has those large florals in bright colors on white backgrounds. Every time we rounded a corner we would think …oh, there is Amy Butler – but no – it was another knock off. There was tons of toddler clothing booths. I noticed regular vendors, if there at all, took smaller booths. Our goal was to bring Zebra Patterns to the west coast and we were successful in doing that.

Schoolhouse – Making BOM’s profitable

I did another schoolhouse on Thursday before market. It was VERY successful! We were in a room with 96 chairs. We filled all 96 and we has standing room only. It was very good and we sold Block of the Month programs to many new customers out west which was our goal. Schoolhouse is an opportunity for shop owners to attend a lecture to learn about new things. Vendors can promote their line, however the main goal is to educate. I do a program on how to buy and sell BOM programs.

SOOOOOO Funny!!!

Almost everyone these days has a cell phone. While standing in line on Thursday checking into market I received an email from a new friend who is publishing her first book. I did not have time to write back and elaborate response, so I wrote back to her: (or so I thought) “CONGRATS ON YOUR BOOK!!”. Well, do you know how phones have the feature to fill words in for you so you do not have to write out the whole word? Well be careful with that feature!! If you notice on the keyboard – the letter C is next to the letter V. The letter I is next to the letter O. And the letter B is close to the letter N. That said – instead of writing CONGRATS ON YOUR BOOK – I wrote “VIBRATE ON YOUR BOOK!!!” OMG! I sent it and a few minutes later I get a response – What does that mean? OMG! I read what was sent and I just started laughing out loud. The laughing progressed to an all out belly laugh and I started crying it was so funny! With concern as it looked as though I was terribly upset, the ladies next to me asked “Is everything okay at home Dear?” – which made me laugh even more. Literally after about 60 seconds I finally stopped laughing enough to tell them and show them what happened! They too got hysterical. That became contagious until about 8 of the ten of us on line were cracking up! Later that day my new friend wrote and said she was ready to check the urban dictionary to see if that was a new phrase that was “hip”! That was soooo funny! So now my new catch phrase is – “Hey you go vibrate on that!”

What is next?

Today I am starting to work on my first Northcott Fabric collection. That is very exciting. I had dinner with about 7-8 of the Northcott Designers in Salt Lake. It was a nice evening. I met Deborah the head designer for Northcott and she is awesome. That was a wonderful experience. I am starting my next book with baby animal appliques. I am also designing custom panels for a great cruise travel agent, Quilts at Sea. I am creating for five Hawaiian ports of call. Of course we are filling and shipping new orders from the show. I also need to start working on my nephews chuppah. Yes – another 110″ x 110″ chuppah is in my future.

What is NEW?

My big news is that during this last few months of getting ready for market and finishing my second book for C&T I have been redesigning my entire website. YES! The whole enchilada! We hope to launch it as early as tomorrow. It has a fresh clean look, much like my catalog. It is maily focused on Zebra Patterns.


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