Shoot for the Moon #73 – Facelift!

Zebra Patterns Website 2011

Zebra Patterns Website 2011


This is entry #73 for my Shoot for the Moon blog and I am happy to announce I have given our website a Facelift. When I first started the intense focus on Zebra Patterns as a company, I really did not know exactly where the business would go. My website was reflective of me, Debra Gabel, as the artist. The Zebra Patterns Store was a small element within the Debra Gabel Site. Well, it is a NEW day! The business has really taken off and it is the feature of the site now, with my art quilts being in a gallery tab. The overall look is all about the Zebra Company with it’s zebra stripes and well known lime accents.

Why did I really get motivated to do it?

Yes – the business has evolved to the focus of visitors to my site, but there is another reason that was more pressing. The many changes needed weekly on my website have made me realize it was just as much work to prepare all of the information to be uploaded as it was to do it myself.  I needed to maintain the site myself. About a year ago I took a class in Dreamweaver – a complex web building program. I did understand it however it is a bit daunting. By the time I sat down to actually redo the website I had lost most of my knowledge from the class. So I needed a new plan.

I made the decision to convert back to all Mac computers and redo the whole site on Iweb. I am totally bias – Macs rock! They are sooooo much faster and they do not crash nearly as oftenas the PC world! Do you know you can go into apple at any time for support with a real person! That is included!!! I signed up to a program called one-to-one with the Apple Store. For 1 year and 99.00 I can have as many personal 1 hours sessions as I want! I have been going to apple for the past two months, one hour a week and I have redone my whole site. I have been going for my one hour one-to-one session and then I usually stayed for a 2 hour project session – also included! It is so awesome to be able to learn one-to-one so the teacher meets you were you are in your techno knowledge. The problem with a student like me – is that I do know quite a bit about computing, however if I take the basic classes – it is a waste of time as i know 80% of the information. BUT – that 20% I did not know was critical for going onto advanced classes. By doing the one-to-one I was able to build my site with the knowledge I had and then add on as needed during the process.

Now I can update the site when ever I would like. I can do a better job of keeping everything current. I would highly recommend Iweb as a simple way to build a website – even one as complex as mine. It is an easy drag and drop process. There are some tricky linking processes but the apple techies helped me through them with out any blood shed! Please visit the new site and let me know what you think. It should be up by 2pm today – May 22, 2011. (I waited until the 21st past – didn’t want to steal the thunder of the rapture of the world! lol!)


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