Shoot for the Moon #73 – Summer 2011

Happy Summer 2011

Yesterday was the first day of yet another hot summer in Maryland. The kids got out of school today and it is time to be Summer Mom/Quilt Artist and Pattern Designer, with particular emphasis on the MOM part.

I purposly tried to schedule a very light summer as far as lectures and workshops go. I did okay – not great. I have a local lecture in Virginia in mid-July and a big trip to Syracuse NY with a new friend and shop owner of Calico Gals.y Then, September thru November is nuts!

So right now I am trying to decide what is next for Zebra Patterns? It is hard to evaluate what products to add – or if I should focus on what we have designed already and simply promote sales. Being a sole proprietor – there is no handbook for growing a quilt pattern business. All that planning aside I have another chuppah to make for my thrird Jewish nephew.

The Chuppah Dilemma

I thought it might be interesting to hear about my process while I am creating the design for this last chuppah. I got some feedback from the bride and groom and I have to admit I am stressing! They want an abstract chuppah. There theme is: Carved intials in a tree, two love birds and their cat! HUH? I know! It is quite random!  It is to be done in royal purples and jewel tones. YIKES! First, I am a representational artist for the most part. Second this chuppah is going to be VERY obvious! The wedding is all white and no flowers except for the bride. The chuppah will be a HUGE spalsh of color at the event. All of this needs to be done in a very elegant way for a posh black tie event in NYC. Again YIKES! When I teach Art Quilt Classes I use a poem by St Francis of Assissi to guide me and my students…

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~St. Francis of Assisi

So I did! It is neccesary to gather all the information I have about the design request. I purchased over 250.00 worth of silk fabrics is rich purple and magenta and turquoise tones. That is all necessay. Now I am exploring and searching through all my art book for inspiration for what might be possible. After I post this blog I will start thumbnail sketches – and I sure hope soon I will be doing the impossible!

I can comfortably design/draw pretty much any image of a landscape, an object or a person – but say abstract and I start sweating! I am sweating! That said – I will sign off for now and see what is possible – send positive abstract energy thoughts my way! More to come!


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