Shoot for the Moon #73 – EUREKA!!!!

Good things come to those who wait! 

I have been stressing about the chuppah as you know from the previous posting! Time passed, the idea baked in my brain and Eureka!


“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible

and suddenly you are doing the impossible!”

~St. Francis of Assisi

In the last posting I expressed my distress in making a third chuppah. Remember the theme is: Carved intials in a tree, two love birds and their cat!  It is to be done in royal purples and jewel tones. YIKES! The black tie  wedding is very stark, simple and plain and no flowers except for the bride. It was necessary to gather all the information. I purchased over 250.00 worth of silk fabrics is rich purple and magenta and turquoise tones. Then,  I explored and searched through all my art book for inspiration for what might be possible. On Thursday of last week my Mom and I went to the Botanical Gardens in DC and EUREKA! I saw an amazing large tropical plant with huge cut outs. It was fascinating. I was so attracted to it. Sometime that night the idea came to me to use those large lacy leaves to make a huge canopy of open leaves out of the rich jewel tone silks! I would start to sketch  these awesome leaves and here is what I came up with pictured below.

Open leaves chuppah

Isn’t that cool?  The leaves will hang down over the four support edges making a canopy of tropical leaves like in Hawaii where they got engaged and carved their initials in the tree. I did what was necessary, then followed with what was possible and now – I am  doing what I feared might be  impossible! I made two sample leaves on Friday and worked out the kinks! The leaves look awesome! I am not so psyched to finish the chuppah! I usually do not show the bride the art before the wedding but in this case it is going to be a very posh NYC wedding and this chuppah is going to be front and center and I do not want to screw it up! Jenn LOVED the sketch and the concept! Whew!

So why is this a posting in my shoot for the moon series? It is yet another example of sticking with something and being patient and open to ideas. I wrote about this whole experience to inspire you to stick to an idea and not to abandon it prematurely. This abstract chuppah is the perfect solution as it is an abstraction of the tree – there is not any tree! The tree is implied. The four corners will be held up with dark stained wood tree poles. The birds will be intermingled in the leaves. The cat will  peer through the leaves, down to the bride and groom. The chuppah which will be the predominant focus is airy and open,  not  dark and heavy in appearance. It is really worth it, when creating art, to keep working until you KNOW you are there! More to come! I will post more pix as I proceed.

BIG NEWS in the Gabel Family! 

My nephew & niece,  Ross & Michelle, are expecting their first baby…and it is a GIRL!!!!!!! OMG The curse is broken. Gabel men do not make girl babies!!!! My father in law was one of two boys. He had three boys – my husband Gary being one of them. Gary’s brother had 3 boys. We had three boys. And two years ago the first grand-baby  of Gary’s older brother….a boy! This is the first Gabel girl in over 150 years! WOW It’s a NEW day! Guess my baby book is perfect timing for me to get to FINALLY sew a baby quilt in pink! I love boys – but I also love pink! I have not seen much pink with my three boys and my husband!


I am TURNING 50! 

Big day coming up on July 2nd I will be 50! I am sure you are thinking okay are you freaking out? And the answer is so simple … not at all. I am so fortunate to have lived passed the age of 44 and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, that every year after is bonus. Age is just a number. I am proud to be 50 – I have earned every candle that will be on that cake! Since my illness I try and have succeeded to live my life going forward with out many if any regrets. I really try to live by the mantra….

Be Impeccable with your word, Always do your best, Don’t make assumptions and Don’t take anything personally. That is from the Four Agreements by Don Migual Ruiz. In fact I had to make a long three hour trip today and listened to it on CD. If you ever need a short, simple to the point book of self help truth – that is the one I swear by! If we could all follow or even just try to follow the four agreements the world would a MUCH better place.

My husband has a special 50th surprise. All I know is we are taking a train to NYC and we are having a fun few days there as a family! Yippie!

Over the fifty years I have grown so much and each time I grow I yearn to grow and learn more every day! I have to say I LOVE to learn. I love to try new things. I love to see new things! I have faced most of my fears and look forward to each day.



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