Chuppah in progress….

As promised I am going to bring you along for the ride on the construction of this chuppah!

So here we go!

I bought 5-6 different silk fabrics in hues of purples. I bought blizzard fleece in black for the batting. I did that because when I first started construction I thought the edges might be visible. But after making a few sample leaves I knew it was much better to pillow case turn each leaf. So below you will see the finished sample leaf.

Finished Chuppah Leaf

Finished Chuppah Leaf

The way I did this leaf was in several stages. First I made a heavy cardboard pattern that I would use to trace with chalk pencil onto the silks and fleece. Below is the cardboard pattern.

Cardboard leaf pattern

Cardboard leaf pattern

Knowing that I needed to make many of these leaves, I decided making a cardboard pattern was the best way to make a strong pattern that could be used over and over. I used the rotary cutter and positioned the cardboard template on top of the batting and cut the leaf shape free motion about 1″ beyond the edge. I had to leave extra because I am going to pillow case turn the leaves. I cut all the batting for all the leaves I think I will need, plus a few extra. Then I took the pattern and traced with chalk onto the silks. I cut all the silks about  3/4″ beyond the pattern edge. I did that for all the top silks. Then I repeated that process and cut all the teal backs. Lastly I used black misty fuse and I fused all the backs to the fleece. Once fused, I added top silks to the top of the teal silk, making a sandwich of fleece, then teal backing, then the top silk. The good side of each silk were placed right sides together and then pinned. This was done because I will pillow case turn the sandwich. The teal is flat as a pancake fused with misty fuse to the teal. The top silk will flip and then both sides will be right face out with fleece in the center. See Below.



Today I got all of the leaves cut out of the fleece, the silk tops, and the silk backs. It is very important to me to create these things production style. It makes the project go faster. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment and it makes me energized to go to the next step. Tomorrow I will plan to sew outer edges of all of the leaves. The next step will be to turn each leaf and topstitch the edge. After the topstitching there is a small opening in each leaf that needs to be hand sewn shut. Next I will mark all the inner cut outs with the template in chalk. Then it will be time to stay stitch each cut out. Then I will make all the cut outs and satin stitch bind the raw inner cut out edges. That will complete all of the leaves. Then it will be time to layout the leaves and connect them. Oh and mid-day I realized I was going to be short on the teal backing! So I jumped in my car and went to G Street fabrics for more silk. Luckily they has 3 yards left!

Below you will see how I left the studio today with all the leaves piled into colors and ready to be sewn. More to come….

Ready to sew

Ready to sew


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