#74 Shoot for the Moon – new panels and chuppah update

New State Panels!!!

New Stamp Panels July 2011

Here are two more state panels! New Mexico and Idaho. They are being printed right now and will be online and for sale by summer’s end!

Chuppah update

I am still “chuppahing!” I have all the leaves made, turned and over half are stitched with the center holes cut out. I will be working full speed ahead next week!  I will take pix once all the leaves are done.

Virginia Trips

This was Virginia Week! First I spoke at the Burke Quilters Unlimited Guild. What a nice group of talented ladies. It was about 50 miles from my home and it took over 2-1/2 hours to get there due to DC traffic. I do not know how people deal with that traffic daily!

Today I just got home from a two day store opening near Richmond, VA. Quilter’s Corner, previously owned by Swirly Girls was bought and they had a Grand Opening. This shop was over 170 miles from home. I arrived on Friday morning very early. The commute at 6 in the morning was smooth – only took 3 hours! Not bad since the Burke trip took 2-1/2 for only 48 miles! I set up my full booth and I demoed raw edge applique for two days. Tiffany Sherman the new shop owner is delightful and I met many VA quilters! Now that I have a few shops in VA – I must get to work on that panel! But for tonight I will just update my blog and update my site.

Book 2 & 3

My second book from C&T with the World Cities will arrive on Monday. Monday I will get the “flow.” The flow is the entire book written out with images in sequential order – but not yet designed. It will be my job to review the book in all ways. I will mark it up and send back the corrections. It will take several days to review and get it back to C&T for design and layout. Things are moving along. And Book three with the baby animals is well on it’s way as well. I have 10 more animals to design and then I will start the 5 projects that will be included in the book. Book has gone so much smoother than book one so far.


Only 4 weeks until our 2 week vacation in Hilton Head! Yea! HH is so beautiful. We will be staying at The Marriott Barony  Resort located on the beach. It is so great there!


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