#75 Shoot for the Moon – Looking toward Houston


Market will be here before we know it! Today I finished up a joint project I will be doing with The Warm Company. The Warm Company makes Steam a Seam Lite 2 – which I am convinced is the best fusible product on the market for my raw edge applique patterns. I will be leading a schoolhouse for them at Market. We are doing a joint give away. I wanted it to be creative, fun and memorable. So I came up with a “Quilt Police Doll.” It is a printed panel of the doll with instructions. The quilter cuts out the front and back of the doll. Then they fuse batting to each half. The batting is cut smaller than the edge of the fabric. Then the quilter can quilt each side as desired and sew up edges with right sides together. The quilter leaves a 2 inch hole for turning. Then it can be stuffed and hand sewn shut. The give away project will include the batting, fusible, the panel and instructions. Below is a pix – tell me what you think!

Quilt Police Doll



The chuppah is coming! I have 28 of the 36 silk leaves complete! Once I get all the leaves done I will lay them out and snap a pix for the blog.


New product! I have designed a new over the head pouch for quilters or travelers. It is called the PIP pouch. Mindy, Patti and I modified the pattern and directions several times. The PIP is for:  P-Phone, I-Information and P-pins. It is a light easy to make neck pouch that you can take to your guild meetings or to quilt shows. You can drop in your phone and display all your quilt pins and drop in your name tag or business card.There is also room for a few credit cards and money. I actually started this design 2 years ago at my first Market  in Houston when I met the folks at the Pin Peddler. I wanted to have just the right design without zippers for those quilters that freak out at the idea of setting a zipper. Here it is.

PIP Pouch - phone-information-pins

Quilt Show Judge

Today Diane Doran and I chose 38 quilts to be included in the Delapine Quilt show in fall in MD. It was VERY interesting. We both learned a lot about the process. We learned how important it is to follow the entry rules exactly when reviewing so many quilts. Entries were supposed to have measurements included, many did not and it was difficult to judge the piece. We did have to be mindful of quilt sizes so there would be room for the show to be hung.  I cannot say enough about having a good photo without shadows and extra background elements. The detail pictures need to be relevant. Many of the details we saw were not much smaller than the original. When judging you have to look over all the entries a few times before saying yes or no. We went through and gave firm yes or no’s to the whole lot and marked several with maybe. When going back over the lot we did not change many of our initial responses and to our surprise not many of the maybes turned into yeses. We are both looking forward to awarding the prizes and seeing the pieces in person. That will happen in about a month.



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  1. Gail
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 14:53:46

    Love love love the Quilt Police doll panel…what a hoot….every guild should have one…


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