#85 – Shoot for the Moon – UPDATE 2012

I finally have 5 minutes to breath! The main purpose of my blog has been to let people know about Zebra Patterns and my life commitment as a pattern designer. It has been about 7 years since I really started out Zebra Patterns with intense intentions. I look back now and I can tell you I have 2 books published by C&T,  two CD’s from C&T with my Custom labels,over 300 patterns and printed panels and numerous articles and awards to my credit. It has been a LONG hard road. NO question! But I have come to the conclusion that it is possible to build a thriving pattern business with little to no investment if you are willing to work like a dog every day and grow, advertise, lecture, and teach.

Here is what I have learned. Patterns are great. People will buy patterns. Most people never make the patterns you buy! 85% of patterns purchased are never made. Pattern designing for me is quick and simple. It is probably because I have an art background and work very quickly. The pattern directions are the killer. It is hard to write clear instructions with accurate information. After all the patterns I have written I still occasionally get feedback that I have a typo or a wrong number, even if the pattern has been out for 7 years! I goes if only 85% of patterns are made – that may be why. So for me the designing, sample making, packaging and pattern making are a walk in the park. The instructions are torture.

This year I have dedicated myself to doing more artwork again. I am working on a series of digital images for an exhibition called; Broad Changes; Women of Social Justice. I just miss being totally creative and not having limitations. When I design patterns often the complexity I would like to include is not practical for a single pattern. I have uploaded the pictures of the three women I’ve created in Photoshop and printed onto silk. These pix are just the digital imagery. I will be embellishing and sewing them soon. The art group is the original “Obama Group” that my quilt “Its a NEW Day” participated in.


Eleanor, Oprah, Mother Teresa

Eleanor, Oprah, Mother Teresa


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