Ok – so I knew that Floriani threads were good but I had no idea how good! I have been sewing for the past two days straight. Tons of appliqué! I have used over 15 of Floriani’s Embroidery threads. I just had my first thread break! Was it the threads? Nope – it was the needle!  Up until 6 months ago I had been a Madeira girl. I used that mainly because they have been around a long long time and had a wide range of colors before all the new thread companies jumped on board. I spoke with Kay Brooks  – the “K” in RNK Distribution (http://www.rnkdistributing.com) – owner of that company and Floriani threads – and she explained the science that has gone into her threads. OMG! It was impressive – but I needed to know through my own experience and now I do! It rocks!

If you know my work I do almost all raw edge appliqué. The edges of my appliqué are sewn with a dense narrow zig zag. I use a .04 and 1.4 stitch setting on a Bernina. This thread as well as being string gives off a beautiful luster. It adds a distinct line to my design that is beautiful. As beautiful as it lays – it sews equally as well. There is NOTHING more frustrating than the thread breaking – especially when doing many hours of sewing.

The picture above is the Floriani Color pack I have been working from. My collection is on one of my studio walls. It looks so pretty too! LOL.  RND also has a bunch of stabilizers and adhesives. They too were all carefully engineered to work for quilters, sewers and embroideres. I have been using their lightweight tear away and I have been very pleased.

The last thing I have been working with is their digitizing software. LOVE IT! I find it more versatile than the other programs on the market. I am working hard to learn how to use it professionally so i can start making my patterns available in digital embroidery appliqué!

Okay – time for more work! I just had to take a break and blog about something I am quite excited about! Come see my latest quilts in Houston…the Sealife Series and my new Book Appliqué Animals A-Z all sewn with Floriani threads in Booth 363!


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