#91 – Blocks Across America Book being retired already!

Blocks Across America by Debra Gabel

Blocks Across America by Debra Gabel

Unfortunately the reign of Blocks Across America by Debra Gabel, published by C&T publishing is coming to an end. It is a shame how quickly they cycle through books in the publishing industry. C&T puts out new books twice/sometime 3 times a year.  Even though it is my book – it is really a great book! It has 51 detailed landscapes of every state in the USA plus DC. There are HUNDREDS of pieces of re-creatable art inside! It is only 21.95 and has a CD! I really am disappointed we have turned into such an instant society! It always has to be the latest and greatest. It is a shame when a book like this could really be around for a long time is pulled in less than 18 months. But that is how it is! I just purchased the last 100+/- books from C&T. If you want a copy – now is the time to order one. I really recommend it – it will be a classic in your book stash. If you want one – go to my site http://www.zebrapatterns.com  in the STORE – then under Books. If you want it signed please send me an email. debra@zebrapatterns.com.


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