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My oldest son Brooks (20 years old) came out about 18 months ago. He is a gay man.  After some soul searching Brooks has dedicated himself to helping others in their coming out process. He went through years of confusion and torment during this process. He is a marketing major at the University of Maryland in the Smith Business school. He is launching a Non-Profit website called “JustBrooks” in the Spring of 2013. He has recently started a BLOG that is FASCINATING!!!!!! It is pure and honest and heartfelt. In just 4 short weeks he has had over 4,000 hits! He is all over the US and very present in Europe.

He has divided the blog into several different sections. He is telling his personal story and has several other areas of interest. People are waiting each week for new postings. As his mom, I am learning of what my son has endured the past 5-7 years. It makes me sad to hear some of his sorrows but proud of how he is turning lemons into sweet lemonade! . I have a STRONG feeling Brooks is going to provide an important outlet for people confused, scared and feeling isolated. I strongly believe when we go through difficult times we need to pay attention. We need to remember what we endured and move on and GROW. Many people get stuck or stop their lives after a traumatic situation. That was not my choice after my bout with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and a stem cell transplant, and now it is not Brooks as he continues on his journey. We are VERY proud and 200% supportive of him.

Brooks’ intention is to share his personal experience in order to demystify the unfortunate sociatial “taboo” of being gay. With the recent law changes happening across the country, giving LGBT groups equal rights, he is educating the world on LGBT. You might want to follow his blog or pass along the blog site to a LGBT person who may need help coming to terms with their own sexuality or a parent or relative who would like to better understand what a boy going through this difficult process is thinking. His Blog is the “soft launch” of what his Non Profit site will be about. Visit and follow his blog. You can friend him on Facebook and keep up with Blog postings. You can also go right to his blog and read or follow him there. (www.justBrooks.blog.com) He has done an excellent job explaining his intentions and outlining the launch of the site. Feel free to leave him a word of encouragement for being so brave and setting his goals on helping others.


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  1. Pattilou
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 14:24:57

    Kudos for him! Love these kinds of stories!


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