Bunion Blog #8 – Itch and nausea

It is almost 3 am on December 5. I have been sleeping on and off all day. My foot is still smarting a bit – but certainly bearable. I just remembered another reason I hate pain killers – they make me itch! Not terrible – just annoying. I am getting all kinds of work done. Love that! Today is Cole’s 16th birthday. (Cole is my youngest) We already took him out for a Birthday dinner and he got an expensive pair of headphones for his gift. Today I will continue to finish up my Farm animal book due out in Early Spring 2013 if not before. I have a laundry list of projects. I love designing! My post op appt is Friday when the bandages/soft cast wrap will get changed. I am hoping to get the okay to go to Cole’s basketball game friday! Tomorrow I will try to figure out a way to water proof my foot and take a real shower!


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