Bunion Blog #9 Friends…..Meet Sarah

Bunion Friend - Sarah

So yesterday I got a post from two new friends – about bunions!

While in Houston Quilt Market in October this fall I met a lovely Quilt Shop owner and her wonderful daughter in the elevator of the hotel we were staying at  in downtown Houston. The mom’s name is Joyce and she has her own quilt shop in a house below her husbands financial business. Their daughter Sarah, who has Down’s Syndrome, is cared for by her Mom during the day at the shop.  Sarah helps with the shop. Sarah has her own blog and reaches out through quilting to other down syndrome quilters and crafters. Sarah makes pillowcases and sends them to sick teens. She is quite a gal. Joyce posted on my blog… see below.

Joyce and Sarah

Hi Debra!! You’re looking good. Sarah wants you to check out her post she did a while back. http://sarahely8989.blogspot.com/2010/03/7271-enlarged-first-metatarsal-head.html Oh and she loves your jammies:)


You must check out Sarah’s blog! It sure is a small world – a world of quilters with bunions! LOL That is why I decided to do this mini Bunion Blog – as solo many of us have them. So far I can say with confidence – it has been a walk in the park. In the park I have crutches – nine the less – a walk in the park! And look how much work I am getting done! Whahoo!


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