Bunion Blog #10 Post Op Visit

Crutches 2012 Deb

Here I am – “Hop Along”

So last night was not too bad, It feels sore and feels tight and swollen. We went to the Dr and they replaced the bandages and I have to say the foot looked good. Bump-less  and swollen. I was surprised about the incision  – it was about 3-1/2-4″ long. They took X-rays and I now have two pins about 1/2″ each in my big toe.

I was pretty wiped out after going out for that short time – and have decided to pass on Cole’s basketball game tonight. Hate that! I really wanted to go. I did not want to ruin the game for Gary if I needed to be brought home in the middle of the game. So here I am – gimpy. Pain is getting much better. Going up and down stairs is quite challenging. More to come.

I was going to take a pix of my foot with the incision but Gary said that would be freaky. He could hardly look. Funny he watches all those “shoot em up” movies on TV and movies like the Godfather yet gets freaked out over a small incision. LOL



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