#14 Bunion Blog Update – Week 4

If you are friends with me on Facebook some of this may be a repeat – sorry! It has been an interesting end to 2012 and beginning to 2013! Too Crazy to believe! So I will give you a brief outline of how my week has been! Christmas day – foot still tender and on crutches when out and about – boot is worn in the house.

We drove home from Christmas in NY Christmas night with my 86 year old mom. On Dec 26 my mother wakes with a nosebleed at 7am. Bleed continues until noon – and we end up in ER for treatment by ENT – cauterization. The next day we repeat the day before – another nosebleed and again a whole day at the Doctors getting emergency treatment. Meanwhile – I am trying to tend to her and keep off my foot and keep it elevated! I start feeling nauseous. Low and behold – I get the stomach flu – really bad for 3 days! After losing 6 lbs – literally – I start sneezing and develop a full blown sinus infection. Yippy! Mind you it is only Dec 31st! Enough? Right? Nope – I wake up New Years morning and ate a plain half of bagel – (with a sore throat) and my front tooth fell out! Folks – I could not make this stuff up! So 1:00 on New Years Day I am in a dental chair getting a new front crown. I had a crown years ago after taking a bad hop of a softball in my grill! It decided it was tired and just broke off to start of 2013!

Back to the bunion blog!…….

Today I went to my 4 week appointment. New xrays showed good alignment. Swelling is much better. Foot looked okay – but quite scabbed over. To my BIG surprise – she removed all the scabs! Gary almost passed out! That was shocking – I had no warning. I think the Dr was a gorilla in another life who loved to pick bugs out of the hair of her mates and eat them! She REALLY gets very close and starts digging at skin and toes and nails – etc. GROSS! I am not a big “foot” person to begin with – but what she does for a living is nasty!!!! Anyway she flexed my toe – and ZING! I could still really feel it. It was like a nerve being pinched. She asked if I had been to PT – I told her ahhh- no it is a very long story but it just could not have fit into my schedule the past week! So the next appt is in 2 week when I hope the boot is gone. I told her I don’t need the crutches. She said ok at home but I must have one in public. Well – that was a good thought on her part – but I am not doing that! I can not move fast enough with those darn crutches. So here is the last picture – it looks much better – but it feels sore on the skin level because she peeled away all the scabs. So at week four – I am much more mobile and not in need of crutches. I think If I worked at a regular job 9-5 I would be ok to go back and be effective now. It is hard to say if I could have done it a week ago with the ER trips, Stomach flu, Sinus infection and a missing front tooth if week three would have been okay to go in! Here is the pix.

bunion week 4


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  1. Mary Chasse' (Apple Valley, MN)
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 03:11:43

    I have enjoyed following your blog. I also am recovering from right foot bunion surgery. It’s nice to hear someone else’s recovery process. I am so sorry you’ve
    had such a rough week. WOW!!!
    I am at 7 weeks post surgery tomorrow. Still in boot. See Surgeon on Friday.
    My swelling at 7 weeks, looks very similar to yours at 4 weeks. You must be
    doing some good icing and elevating.!!! I trace my foot every couple of weeks and
    compare it to post surgery trace and weeks prior and I’m definitely seeing the
    swelling going down. I am still on disability from work (Pharmaceutical Sales),
    so if I can’t drive I can’t work. If I can’t get a shoe on , I can’t drive! Very frustrating. Still haven’t had an xray. Hoping for that on Friday. Still thrilled I had
    this done. It will be so worth it and my surgery was not nearly as horrible as I
    anticipated. Happy and quick healing to you!!!


    • Zebra Patterns by Debra Gabel
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 15:04:48

      Thanks for writing! Funny thing my bunion did not really hurt but the big toe was pushing the second toe up so high it was causing significant irritation to that second toe next to the big one. I was expecting an ingrown toenail on the second toe – or an infection or fungus…nope – it was the beginning of the bunion pushing that toe up into what every shoe I had on. I am hoping at six weeks to be out of the boot and back into shoes. I have been very good about elevation and I have iced it most of the day everyday for the first two weeks. I continued 8-12 times a day with ice for the third week – and this week I have not iced as the swelling is much better. Good luck! I think the pain is certainly tolerable. The toughest part for me is the length of 6 weeks with such restricted mobility. I understand from many they have been reduced to wearing large tennis shoes or sandals only. That is certainly a cue to go ahead and get it done. The good thing is that it is not an “emergency” so one can actually schedule and plan for it.


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