#99 It’s FALL!!! So what is new?

I am one posting away from my 100th post!

WOW! Hope you have been following my journey with Zebra Patterns! The 100th posting will be a reflection of where I am in my personal and career life! Should be fun! Watch for it to post pretty soon!

You all know Debra Gabel’s Postage Stamp Patterns, Books and Printed panels are the signature products of Zebra Patterns. Now that we have over 125 different Stamp designs in one form or another it is time I have presented a Pattern for today’s quilter to use these panels! (In articular the mini-panels)

I have a NEW CUSTOM TRAVEL QUILT Pattern Pack!!!

Coming in November – a new pattern called “Where Ya Been?” will hit the market from Zebra Patterns!   It will be a large quilt approx 60 x 80″ that is EASY to do and VERY PERSONAL! The pattern will include a large quilt pattern, a long wallhanging and a single wallhanging pattern.  There will be pictures and diagrams and …… get this…. A CD with printable travel images to make your road trip of ‘Where Ya Been” reflect your personal journey! You can print them onto your own inkjet fabric! (Any size and as many as you need!) The best part is that it is SOOOOO Easy and quick any one can do it!  Place all the state/ or city/ or country of where you have lived, where you have been, maybe where you were married or had a baby…on your own CUSTOM QUILT!!!!


All you need to do is collect the Zebra Pattern Mini Panels that work for your quilt and sew down panels and a road! The road is a pattern.  That means you will be sewing down 6″ x 7″ mini panels and a curved road – that is it! You can add the fun travel elements if you would like! In fact if you do not want to print the elements from a CD – you can just buy them in a panel form! EASY!

Take a sneak peek at the first promotional piece! Let me know what you think.


Where Ya Been?

Where Ya Been?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Beth Smith
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 20:06:01

    The Where Ya Been? quilt would be a real departure for me, but I love it. I’ll order the printed panels, but not quite yet. Too busy with a local event in Hudson and upcoming travel. Nice post-holidays project, though. I’ll watch for it.


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