A Subject Close to my Heart. . .www. Justlikeyou.org

Words can hardly express what I feel. As the mom of a son who came out as gay in 2012 I cannot tell you how proud I am. When Brooks first told me I thought I was cool with it. In reality it took a good six months to sink in. It took a lot of soul searching to really come to grips with the idea and realizations of what having a gay son meant. I found out I had to mourn the loss of the Brooks I though I had raised….The son that would go off to college get an education , get a great job, travel a bit, find a great girl and eventually settle with 2.4 kids and a dog! I realized that was my script. I should not have written his script! Society wants to push everyone into one pot and pour out the mold of the society tagged “normal” young male.  After I dealt with all the craziness in my head (or at least that part of my craziness- those who know me know there is a lot of crazy parts! lol) I started thinking about what Brooks had endured as a young boy through his years and developing sexuality. Oh it breaks my heart. But now as Brooks’ Mom I am nothing but proud to know Brooks is taking that pain and turning it into something to serve others. Are there words for that? I am asking that you please meet Brooks and watch the launch of his baby that will inevitably help hundreds, thousands? and maybe millions!  It is inspirational! and you can be a small part of the journey.  Thank you to everyone. Click link below.



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