ART QUILT for Brooks…

I finished my art for my son Brooks’ launch party. It is for his new non profit organization “Just Like You” that will launch on April 13, 2014!! There will be an art auction with international artists to raise money for the organization.

The piece is called “Freddie” in honor of one of the first openly gay men – Freddie Mercury of Queen who passed from aides. Obviously the rainbow colors represent gay pride. The rainbow is applied in a graffiti/paint like way to express his creativity. Love is Love was clear to Freddie decades ago. Being a graphic designer I love graphic items such as postage stamps. So I made Freddie his own stamp! I often use this genre of stamp borders in my work. I also love the stamp phrase…”Stick with it until you get where you are meant to be”. This piece is dedicated to my wonderful son who is making a difference!

I posted this on Facebook a few hours ago – people don’t know Freddie Mercury? Really? the gay guy from the seventies/eighties from Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody? Really?



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