HOUSTON! Booth 910

Houston is coming and we will be there!

We are in Booth 910.

Schoolhouse: Mini Events To Increase Traffic! / 1:30 pm / 371 D&E

Schoolhouse: Scrapbooking for Quilters / 1:00 pm / 371 D&E

It is a triple booth this year. Two booths are for Zebra and one for Row by Row/Postcard Party. We will be announcing the 2015 theme for Row by Row. I am introducing a new line of Zebra Greetings which are post card kits for quilters! Here is a sneak peak of the line – more to come!

Each Post Card kit will contain a 6″ x 7″ piece of double sided fusible foam, a mailable cello bag,  plus a 100% Cotton Sateen Zebra Greeting postcard panel. The quilter will create any mini quilt or fabric project they desire on the front and the images below will be the backs. Fuse top and bottom with pre-fusible foam and sew together. These postcards will go through the mail for 49 cents! It is best to get them hand cancelled. Imagine the recipient getting a lovely greeting of a mini quilted postcard through the mail!

Zebra Greetings Post Card Kits

Zebra Greetings Post Card Kits

Come see us in Houston if you are a shop owner! Booth 910! …and at schoolhouse!


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