2,500 SHOPS for 2015 Row by Row Experience™!!!!!!

Celebrate 2500 Shops

SHARE!!!BREAKING NEWS from Row by Row!!!! Be sure your local shop is in it! Share the news! Quilters UNITE! 

Can you believe it? 2,500 shops signed up for this summer’s Row by Row Experience™! So exciting! Jim Collins the popular business strategy author talks about creating BHAGs- BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS – and we created a BIG ONE – and it is coming to fruition. The best thing about the whole program is that it was founded by Janet Lutz a shop owner in Syracuse. The FabricPlates™ came along a year or so after in NY. Then we did plates in NY and PA. Last year was 34 states and Ontario – and this year is all 50 states and most of Canada!n It is unreal to think when Zebra started plates with an invitation from Janet just a couple of years ago there were less than 100 shops! Last year there were 1,200 shops and today Janet sent an email that said we toped 2,500 and still growing! What a BHAG!!!!! Please spread the word! Copy the graphic – and share! QUILTERS UNITE!!!!


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  1. terrysthoughtsandthreads
    May 02, 2015 @ 19:41:57

    Congratulations, Debra, Gary and Janet. So happy to hear of your success, and to be a part of it.

    Looking forward to our second year!

    Terry Palardy, http://AtQuiltersQuarters.blogspot.com


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