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This post has nothing to do with quilting – just has to do with my “eyes” and the reality show I think I should start! LOL – So if you hate stupid blog stories – just close the post now! But this pretty funny!

eyelashesHere goes… So if you follow me and my story you all know I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2004 and has some serious treatments including strong chemo, radiation and a stem cell transplant. One of the things I lost, as many do, was my hair on my whole body and my eyelashes. My hair grew back thinker and curlier – still is – but my eyelashes came back very thin and short.

So about 6 months ago I saw my salon was offering eyelash extensions. VERY COOL! Makes your lashes longer and looks natural and you don’t have to put on eyeliner or mascara! I decided to do it for a few events I had upcoming and for market! It is REALLY expensive! 200.00 for the first session to apply a full set – and two hours! I did it – it was good – but I got the medium length lash extensions. When I was done – it was good – much better – but not really very noticeable. The tech recommended I come back in two weeks for a fill in. (60.00) So I did and I added some longer ones on the ends and the looked very good. They are a little itchy and you can feel the difference – but worth it for the luxury of NOT having to do eye liner and mascara! They are supposed to last 4-6 weeks. I lost a lot of lashes the first two weeks. I went back two weeks later and needed many fewer lashes to fill – but it still cost another 60.00.

After market I really did not have anyplace to go where I needed makeup – so I decided 60.00 was too much to do every 3-4 weeks. BUT we have a new nail salon that opened right next to my grocery store. I tried it and they did nails just fine. On the wall it says they do eyelash extension fill ins for 30.00!!! I was so psyched! I made an appointment and let me just say – NOT ALL EYELASH extensions are the same! After 30-40 minutes the tech finished and I looked in the mirror and I saw a DRAG QUEEN!!!!!! OMG!  My lashes were twice as thick and twice as long! It was crazy! Also opening my eyes was a challenge as she missed a few times with the glue! OMG! I was so shocked that I did not know what to say – I paid and left. So I go home and my 20 year old is there with 3-4 friends – who I know well. I asked them and they were cracking up! I was a freak! So I tried hard to get someone to cut them shorter – they were all too chicken!  I had to go to a grad party that night – so I cut them. CRAZY! By cutting them and putting on make up it helped – but I was still a Drag Princess!

So the next few days I a very uncomfortable and the glue was glopy (is that a word?) and thick. I decide they have to come off. I look online for solutions. I try oil. I try make up remover. I looked in three stores for eyelash  remover – no luck. Then I read online hot water and steam loosens them. I took a long hot shower – nothing. Those suckers were permanent. The last resort said that some glues are very difficult to break down and you might have to pull the lashes off. So yep – I started pulling them! These extensions were not one lash extension for one lash! They were a spray of thick lashes! There were 4-5 lashes in a bunch for each lash! No wonder I looked like a Drag Queen! The hot water loosened them a little – but they were still stuck! I got them all off after an hour or so! My table looked like it was covered with fishing lures! OMG! – So they were gone! My eyes were red for two days like I had been crying my eyes out! After two days the swelling and redness subsided! Lesson learned – go to a REAL salon for eyelash extensions! LOL

While I am talking about my eyes – those who follow know I have had a terrible time with cataract surgery. Long story short – two eye surgeries has turned into 5 surgeries over the past 6 months. Well guess what??? BOTH EYES HAVE TO BE TOTALLY REDONE! Yep! That will be 7 surgeries! The first eye was ok – but built up scar tissue needing a second surgery to get rid of that tissue. It has been 6 weeks and it did not work and the whole surgery needs to be redone. The other eye had complications first time out. That surgery resulted in a torn retina and damage to the cornea. I had two surgeries on that at Hopkins within a week of the first surgery. They had to sew the new lens in place. Guess what? That lens has slipped out of position! YIKES! I have a major surgery at the end of August for that!

So how do I feel about all this? It is not ideal for sure – but it is NOTHING compared to what I went through in 2004. I did manage to work through the whole ordeal with one eye or the other covered and glasses. Where there is a will there is a way! I have said before and will say again – I have been designing for so long I can do it with one eye closed! ow I can say I and do it with one eye closed and plucked lashes! LOL

Moral to the story: Eyelash extensions are not all equal! Cataract surgery is not always as easy as they may make it out to be! But – Be Calm and Design On!

I should have taken pictures – it was crazy! It would have been a GREAT reality episode!



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  1. Elaine Theriault
    Jun 04, 2015 @ 10:06:08

    OH MY GOD – that is too funny. The things we do to beautify ourselves! And yes – it sucks to have to pay for a GOOD job, but sometimes the cheapies aren’t worth it. Hope you get your eyes corrected – we would miss all your gorgeous designs! Especially Row by Row! good luck


  2. Terry Palardy
    Jun 04, 2015 @ 11:14:19

    Speechless! I admire your bravery and persistence. I haven’t worn makeup in decades. Once as a college student i tried false eyelashes and my then friend now husband (we just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary) said, when I asked if he liked them, that he thought they looked uncomfortable, and a lot like caterpillars. So much for my amateur attempts. As you said, I’m good. No worries. 🙂


  3. corkscot
    Jun 05, 2015 @ 00:16:25

    Vanity thy name is woman. This is said lovingly. It is time that women learn to accept themselves. I do not wear war paint. What you seer, is what you get.


  4. Sandra Lynch
    Jun 06, 2015 @ 02:24:10

    Hi Debra, I love you comments on the eyes.!! So reminds me of me. BUT not the eyelashes!!

    In the past couple weeks have had the work up for cataract surgery for the right eye., had the left one done about 8 (?) years ago and never been happy with it., The new doctor says “we have to stabilize the left eye before we do anything with the right eye., so had laser surgery for scar tissue., worked great! went for 20/80 to 20/30. Now I have a surgery date for the second cataract and since I also have glaucoma they will put a stent in the eye to help with the eye pressure. Never a dull moment.

    And to top that off, My right shoulder has been bothering me for about a year and then I had a real bad time when I was packing to move. went to the doctor, had an MRI and per the rheumatologist ” your shoulder is a disaster”. The surgeon says, complete torn biseps tendon, two tears in the rotor cuff, and the bone is is terrible condition because of the the rheumatoid arthritis. So I need to schedule a reverse shoulder replacement.!

    The move seems to be working smoothly. 55+ condo, sometimes feels like being in a motel. elevator and long hallways.

    Thanks for sharing the eye lash story. Enjoyed reading it.


    On 3 June 2015 at 22:44, Zebrapatterns Weblog by Debra Gabel wrote:

    > Zebra Patterns by Debra Gabel posted: “This post has nothing to do > with quilting – just has to do with my “eyes” and the reality show I think > I should start! LOL – So if you hate stupid blog stories – just close the > post now! But this pretty funny! Here goes… So if you follow me and my > st”


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