New Stamp! Victoria, BC, Canada

Today I created a new CityStamp™! Seems like it has been a long time since I have made a new one! It has been so busy here at Zebra Patterns with FabricPlates™ for the Row by Row Experience™. What allowed me the time to do it was that I have finished 2016 Fabric line for the RxRE™!!!! Also all the FabricPlates™ for 2016 are done! They are all new! Quilt shops will have two color ways to choose from! I know today was the start of the 2015 Row by Row Experience – but for me it was the close of the 2016 RxR! You are going to LOVE next year’s theme and fabrics! 2016 theme will be announced in Fall 2015 in Houston.

I created Victoria, British Columbia. I am teaching on a sold out Stitchen Heaven Cruise in September. Victoria is one of the ports. We were actually in Victoria last June around this time of year. It is a BEAUTIFUL city! I loved it all – especially the Parliament Building. It is totally lit up at night and it is gorgeous! I will have these available soon on the Zebra website! I will post when they are ready! For any Alaska cruisers – don’t worry I will bring them aboard too!

Victoria BC CityStamp™ by Debra Gabel

Victoria BC CityStamp™ by Debra Gabel


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