Bobbin Contest Submissions:




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  1. Barbara Acchino
    Jun 26, 2015 @ 17:29:04

    Hope we will be able to view the submissions….have seen a couple on Facebook already and they are GREAT!


  2. Pam
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 15:11:24

    Can we enter more than one?


  3. b. Hayes
    Aug 18, 2015 @ 05:02:32

    all i wanted was to SEE what Bobbin the Robin WAS – don’t want to have to go on facebook or anywhere else!


  4. G. Van Pelt
    Aug 27, 2015 @ 00:26:59

    Where can we find or contact to purchase Row By Row Tee shirts and some of the other related items? Thank you


  5. Shannon Atwater
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 16:54:42

    How do we know when we entered the contest, that it went thru ok. I still don’t know if I am entered or not. Please advise!!! Time is running out & I desperately want to be entered!!!!! Thank you, Shannon Atwater


  6. Shannon Atwater
    Sep 03, 2015 @ 16:06:45

    I submitted this way twice, because I thought that it didn”t work the 1st time. I did do this from my smart phone. I don’t know if this was my mistake or not. I did not receive an email at all. I am very confused, and do not want to bombard the site with multiple entries of the same thing. I did go to the home page and looked at the submit, but again I did not want to re-submit if it had gone through before. I just wish I knew what to do. Do you also put all the entries on the facebook page? If so I do not see were I am, so does this mean that I need to try again? Please advise. Thank you, I am not trying to be difficult, but just want to be able to enter!!!! Shannon Atwater


  7. Zebra Patterns by Debra Gabel
    Sep 03, 2015 @ 16:25:55

    Go ahead and send me your entry via email:


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