…And more practice!

As you know if you follow my blog, I am on my digital journey of 2016! I am digitizing my cute Alphabet Animals in an earnest attempt to become a supplier of digital appliqué by 2017! Last time I posted I digitized 4-5 animals. I am now just 6 animals shy of the 26 animals I need for my first digital release. Lots of learning! Another activity, I have been injecting in my self-designed digital school, has been sewing out other successful digitizer’s appliqué. That was so helpful! I learned so much just seeing their product and watching their art sew out. I have been playing with stabilizers – what a difference they can make! OMG! The pix below are evidence of sewing and sewing and sewing!

Animals board

My Design Board with finished Animals

One other bit of news – the 2017 fabric line for Row By Row 2017 with Timeless Treasures is complete! YES! It was a complex compilation of artwork. We will see strike offs soon! Believe it or not I am baking all the possibilities in my mind for 2018’s Row by Row Theme! Yep we know that one too! Working with Timeless Treasures is a pleasure. Shout out to Ruby! Ruby you rock!

Floor animals

Sewn out trials – will donate for charity quilts


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  1. mamaweck
    Apr 11, 2016 @ 15:23:09

    Your animals are beautiful!!! Nicest alphabet animals I’ve ever seen!!

    Sent from my iPhone



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