…and even more practice!


So…. or should I say SEW…. – I am continuing to sew and sew! Each pattern take 18-35 minutes to sew out. The process is slow, but man am I learning a ton! LOVE THAT!!!! Yesterday I stopped at Ellicott City Sew Vac and was on a hunt to purchase a closed toe embroidery foot. The open toe foot I was using kept catching threads on tight turns. Brad (my super teacher) was there. He looked at me with question and asked what I meant. We went over to the Babylock Destiny in the showroom – and I saw exactly what I wanted! …A CLOSED TOE FOOT! Turns out I already have one! LOL – I was sewing with an open horseshoe free motion foot! LOL – The embroidery foot was this big fancy foot that has a laser plug in. It was in my tool box – never opened it! LOL My big lesson of the day was using an embroidery foot makes the embroidery so much better – no thread catching! LOL I was sooooo happy today because I just could not seem to find out how to stop catching threads.

That is an example of why I was so scared! There are so many moving parts and so much information out there sometimes the elephant in the room is under your feet! I had taken my lessons. When I went in for lessons I used the shop Destiny Machine and it was all set up. It is very hard to be sure you are using everything correctly and doing digitizing effectively. It takes time. When you get home it is hard to remember everything. When you are there it is hard to observe everything – especially something right under your nose – like the foot. It worked so well at the shop I must have not even noticed it! You have to do the work. I have been watching these things sew out for 2 months – 6-7 hours a day! That is how you learn. Maybe I am slow! LOL!

I received my first 100 flash drives today! My digital products will be provided on Flash drives. Most companies do CD’s, but I just think a usb stick is better. It eliminates the step of copying the images onto your computer and then putting them on a stick. Most new computers do not even have CD slot any longer. Yes, it will raise the price of the final product by 4 dollars +/-, but it is worth it – I think. Since we are just introducing this new product for Zebra – we should go with the latest technology. We shall see when I bring the product to market.

I am loving this process! I feel like I am progressing! Maybe 9,500-ish hours to go to be an expert! YEA!



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