2016 Bobbin the Robin Contest Winners

We received many Bobbin the Robin entries and can I say “Wow what a creative and inspiring group of ladies”.

From Alberta, Sally R.’s Robbing Bobbin the Robin with sticky talons likes to collect bobbins, feathers and scraps for her nest.

Julie M. from Ontario is sporting glitzy purple tail feathers.

Then we have Bobbin the Robin who rode in style on the motorcycle with Linda E. from New York.

Bobbie C. – Michigan Bobbin took a state-wide road trip visiting several quilt shops.

Barb T. Using the Row x Row license plate fabric, Barb and her Bobbin are real Quilt Chicks.

Blockin Robbin and her side kick “She Ricochets”, aka (Laura J. from Washington) are skating their way around the rink derby style.

Leah S. from Colorado shares her Bobbin who was inspired by her Big Red parka.

And finally, there is Sandy S. from Colorado with her Western Robins who are resting comfortably in their nest as it is Home Sweet Home.

   2016 Bobbin winners • www.zebrapatterns.com


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