Houston Festival 2019

BOOTH 1919

Come see us at market and/or at Festival at Booth 1919! See all 63 National Parks available now in our National ParkStamp™ line of printed cotton 6″x7″ panels. Also we have added more international destinations and locations.

We will be taking orders for new books that will be being released in January of 2020. For shop owners stop by and get custom charm stamp and custom pin cushions designed for your shop! We wan t partner with you to make custom quilts!


We’ve rowed and rowed. Our arms are tired. It’s time for something new!
That’s why I’m so excited to present Quilters Trek
A brand new color-guided shopping adventure starting in May of 2020. 
I’ll be sharing the fun details with you over the coming months.

That is right! Next summer you won’t be rowing you will be trekking! Sign up at www.rowbyrowexperience.com to get all the details.

I have designed HUNDREDS of collectable fabric tokens that will be given away in fabric kits all over the world! Maybe you will be lucky and get a “GOLDEN TOKEN!”