Australia! is here!

Look at this amazing landscape in Queensbury – Twelve Apostles. One of the most visited sites in Australia. Australia

新邮票!(NEW STAMP!)

We are starting our annual Hilton Head vacation and tonight I finished up a New NationStamp™ for China. This is the Yellow Crane Tower with the national bird, the Red Crowned Crane, and the national fruit, kiwi. I will let you know when we put it on our site!

新邮票! China

Nouveau Timbre!

… in English …. NEW STAMP! I loved Paris when we went years ago. I still remember getting crepes in an outdoor cafe! Oh là là!


Meet Barb originally from Michigan

I am so excited to share this awesome “Where Ya Been?” Quilt made by Barb , now from PA. What an amazing job! Gary points out her  great use of color and and notable clean layout! Nice!

Barb from PA - 2017-2Barb from PA - 2017

Meet Carri D. and Marti C. from Delaware

At the 2017 Hershey show we had some Bobbins fly into out booth! Carri and Marti stopped in to get a selfie! Marti made both Bobbins. One is a tattooed Bobbin and the other is a Steelers Bobbin! I am there with the Baltimore Hon Bobbin. They are entering the Bobbin Contest for 2017 and may win a 17″x 27″ Custom License plate!

Meet Dan Dubinsky…

Dan is a fabulous quilter from the Phillie area. He stopped by our booth in Hershey to show us his “one block wonder” quilt using my Tossed Stamps fabric. These are all pieced hexagons making a new kaleidoscope image! So Cool! Awesome Dan!


GermanyWelcome Germany! … to the Zebra Patterns NationStamp™ Program. This was a tough one with tons of detail! Took a long time! In 2016 Gary and I were in this exact spot with friends Joe and Kaye! Germany and most of Europe is so steep with history. We ate wienerschnitzel there. That has to be one of my all-time favorites.

We are doing more NationStamps™. While we love the cities – it is hard to pick which cities to do. By doing the Country with get all of the nation in one stamp. I think Poland or Austria might next!

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