Meet Liz…the wiz!

I am pleased to share Elizabeth Brigham’s artistry. Liz was very kind to share her quilt and story with me, and now I would like to share it with all of you for inspiration! meet Liz…

My Name is Liz Brigham. In June 2017 a friend asked me to make a Wall Hanging for her husbands new CPA Office in France. He prepares taxes for Americans
living over seas. I collected many red, white and blue fabrics to make it. But I was at Sew Vac in Ellicott City, MD when I saw your State Stamps. I email her and asked where were his clients from. Got a list and purchased the State Stamps. And had to stop and clean up
my sewing room. I went thru over 300 pieces of fabric. Folded them neatly and put them on shelves. During this process I pulled out all the red white and blue fabrics and found your fabric with the houses. That is when I knew what I wanted to do. When I read “Home is where the Heart is” I had to cut it so that the words showed. I sewed it so that I could do a Quilt As You Go method. Each row was made with the backing fabric (2″ wider than the front), Front Fabric and batting. I used 2000 spray to hold them together. Then I arranged the Stamps on the Blue Rows. I turned under 1/4 inch all around the stamps and appliqued them down. I did not like them straight so I turned them right and left. After I got the 3 rows of Stamps Quilted and sewed together I added 2″ hearts between the Stamps. They were made from a very glittery red fabric I had in my stash. Then I added two rows of the houses at the top and one row of houses at the bottom. I loved the houses because one row was normal houses and the other row was Quilting Stores. So it made since to me that the row of normal houses fit the state stamps and the row of Quilting Stores fit the lady who asked me to make the Wall Hanging because she is just starting to learn to quilt. I have made her several quilts for her 3 kids and a applique wall hanging for her dinning room.  At 75 I am so grateful to be able to make items that people will admire and keep for years. I have been sewing since Jr High School.
But I started quilting in 1995.


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We are in England!

We are in Birmingham England exhibiting at the NEC Stitches annual trade show. We have had tremendous interest in CharmStamps!

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park has been created tonight! Quilters love their National Parks! My son Austin is in med school in Seattle and we have seen Mount Rainier in all its splendor! Mount Rainier Natl Park WA


New Stamps Available NOW!

Buffalo, St Croix and Big Bend National Park are online at and are ready to order!

# new Stamps 2.4.18



Big Bend Nat’l Park

Western Texas is where you will find Big Bend National Park. Watch our blog and website to know when it becomes available! It will be in February.

Big Bend Natl Park


Saint Croix CityStamp™

Tonight I went on a little vacation to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands! I recreated Point Udall which is a popular landmark in St. Croix. Point Udall is the Eastern most point in the United States. The flowers in the bottom right are yellow tube flowers, St. Croix’s island flower.




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