Where Ya Been?™ in Cuddle Fabric! (aka: Minky)


We are so excited to announce that Debra Gabel now has a line of lush cuddle fabric of several state specific and National Park Locations that coordinate with the Zebra Patterns Where Ya Been?™ Program!!! Check them out!!!!!



So here goes … a TRUE confession … Gary (my husband) has been pushing this NEW book format for years! I resisted until we did our new Florals Book last month. It seemed like a good fit for those 12″ x 20″ wall hangings. So here it is in Black and White….”GARY- YOU WERE RIGHT!” Quilters LOVE LOVE LOVE the new format. It’s big and easy to use and fabulous full color! BTW_ I told him I was only going to say it once and if he got a big head – never again! LOL

What is the new format? It is a super sized pattern book that measures 11″ x 17″ with a top side – lay flat – spiral binding! The patterns are printed in full color and only printed on one side on thick quality paper! Printing on one side makes copying easier for all!

The other thing included in all my books is my no trace no reverse applique technique which saves quilters a huge amount of time! You are going to LOVE it!

The two books that came out are The Big Book of Florals, which includes eight of our beautiful florals and The Big Book of Barn Quilts which is my latest 56″ x 68″ large barn quilt of both piecing and applique. Take a look! In the Florals book you get 8 patterns plus extensive instructions and tips for 21.50! The Barns Book is only 24.50 and you get six beautiful barns with a printed panel detail plus a showy pieced border with an applique farm scene. These books are ONLY available through Quilt Shops and our website. We do not sell to large chain stores or Amazon. We are all about supporting the small business owner! Save our quilt shops! Take a look below! http://www.zebrapatterns.com

Available now! Click on Image Above
Back Cover of Florals
Available now! Click on Image Above
Big Book of Quilt Barns Back Cover


We had a wonderful week in Daytona at the AQS Quilt Show. We made many new friends and debuted new products! Take a look at some new stamps that are available NOW! http://www.zebrapatterns.com

Charleston SC • Available in 18 x 21 and 6×7 • http://www.zebrapatterns.com
Richmond VA • Available in 18 x 21 and 6×7 • http://www.zebrapatterns.com
Bering Land Bridge • Available in 18 x 21 and 6×7 • http://www.zebrapatterns.com
Daytona FL • Available in 18 x 21 and 6×7 • http://www.zebrapatterns.com
Just got back from the Daytona AQS Show!

So next posting I am going to tell you about two NEW BOOKS that we released in Daytona! Come back tomorrow to see posting!!!

Come to Daytona!

Come see us in Daytona! New Books! New Stamps! New Custom Panels! https://www.quiltweek.com/locations/daytona-beach/

Qulters Trek Coming Soon!

This is one of the most recent posts in the all new Quilters Trek program coming this Sumer. Qulters Trek is replacing the Row byRow event. Visit the site… learn more! https://rowbyrowexperience.com/

Debra Gabel created our Fabric Tokens to share that love of cultural heritage. They represent official symbols of each participating Quilters Trek area.
Seven in each set. Flags, flowers, union entry dates, trees, and more. Find them hidden inside shop kits like a crackerjack surprise! Collect them, swap them, use them any way that makes you happy.Get a free pattern below.”

New Quilters Trek Tokens

Visit the site to learn more!


Art Deco Style Stamps!

I love the design style from the early 1900’s – Art Deco. It is characterized by using a flat pallet and simple geometric shapes. After I designed TRAVEL – IT’s The Journey I went ahead and mad a whole set of these stamps. I tried to cover all the modes of transportation, Cruising, Sailing, Train Travel and general world travel. They make great centerpieces for travel quilts. All of these new stamps are available now at http://www.zebrapatterns.com

Available Now


Take a TRAVEL JOURNEY … to Machu Picchu or Tahiti … too hot?…then go to the south pole…Antarctica! Enjoy all these new destinations! The Travel stamp is a great centerpiece for all you world travelers!

Available at http://www.zebrapatterns.com NOW!
Available at http://www.zebrapatterns.com NOW!
Available at http://www.zebrapatterns.com NOW!
Available at http://www.zebrapatterns.com NOW!

Here is a sample of The TRAVEL Stamp used as a 18 x 21 Centerpiece with 16 mini stamps surrounding it!…. or up to 42 destinations if you are that crazy world traveler! FUN! and Easy!


NEW International STAMPS!

Take a look- Five great NEW International destinations of Printed Postage Stamp Panels that you are all used to seeing from Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns. I really enjoyed drawing the ZEBRA on Africa! Enjoy a snapshot of Africa, Israel, Berlin, Bonaire and Turks & Caicos.


5 more international stamps!


We have a NEW General National Park Stamp which works beautifully as a centerpiece of a National Park Quilt! Look below! Also we have added several NEW parks!! Biscayne Fl, Wrangell AK, and White Sands NM are brand new. They are all available now online at our site:


Get an 18 x 21 Stamp of National Parks USA for Centerpiece of your project
Four New National Parks Available Now

DAYTONA! in late February

We will be vending at the 2020 AQS Daytona Show! Come see us! We have a NEW Daytona Stamp and a new Lighthouse stamp for Marblehead! And much much more!

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