8 New Floral Applique Patterns, 4 New Hobbytowne Panels and Patterns, and 2 new NationStamp™ Panels are AVAILABLE NOW at Items july 2018.png




It’s been a fruity kind of design run! Look at some of our new flowers that include fruits!!! Will be available soon on website and in Hershey next week!

FRUIT 2018

Panama is Here!

Apparently Panama and the Panama Canal are very popular tourist destinations! We had several requests for Panama since the updates to the canal system in 2017.  Cruising through the tropical Panama Canal! Stamps will be on or website soon! Keep Posted!

Pins & Needles Quilt Shop in TN – look at their row!

Stacey Slockbower came up with a genius idea for the 2018 Row by Row Experience! As most of you know, the theme for RxR 2018 is “Sew Musical”. Stacey loves the music of the 50’s. She called me and we came up with a cool row and Stacey kicked it up a notch by requesting a whole quilt be designed of the 50’s music theme! It was really fun to design! This quilt is a keeper – or should I say a “getter”! Stacey has moved into a bigger beautiful space go visit her in Chatanooga! It is a great city to spend a weekend in!

Pins & Needles Quilt Shop

6503 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, TN 37343



NEW Flower and NationStamp™

Hey Zebra fans…we have TWO new patterns!

A Dogwood flower will make the group of flowers offered up to a total of 47!

I have been adding flowering trees. Any requests for other flowers???

A special request for “Finland” has made it into our line up of over 300 destination stamps! It features the historic Helsinki Cathedral along with their national bird and national flower, swan and lily of the valley respectively.

What do you think?  I would like to hear from you!

Dogwood Sketch 10047Finland Panel

Huge blast from the past!

Yesterday I was cruising on Facebook and my cousin Betty, in my home town of Otisville NY,  posted a pix and a note to me. The note was about a painting a friend of hers received as a gift. The painting was signed “D. Gabel 1977.” I had painted it as a sophomore in High School! That is crazy! Sure enough it was  the painting that win 1st place in the Orange County fair over 40 years ago! Now that is a crazy memory on this first weekend of summer 2018!FE7542EC-C3C3-4AAA-8879-AD2D5E71EC6154F7E2EB-ED3C-422E-9FAD-9085A4E48988.png

In Flight – Butterflies

The flowers are blooming and the butterflies are fluttering about. To celebrate we are offering our “In Flight” Butterfly collection at 50% off through May 31.  Flutter on over and get yours today.


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