We have a whole NEW pattern book format! It is our “BIG BOOK” format of Patterns! It is a spiral bound lay flat book. It measures 11 x 17. No more having to piece together long pattern pieces. All patterns are in full color and labeled. All positioning sheets are in full color and numbered for assembly and sewing order. All of my sewing techniques, tips and tricks are included in the book, along with my NO TRACE – NO REVERSE applique technique written and illustrated in detail.

Zebra Patterns first BIG BOOK is called The Big Book of Applique FLORALS. The book includes eight of our most popular floral patterns. It is a great book for an amazing price of only $21.50! The individual patterns sell at 9.00 each and do not include full technique and resource instructions, nor are they in full color pattern and positioning sheets! That is a great value for eight patterns plus all the instruction. Take a look below! You are going to LOVE this!

This book is launching at the Chicago International Botanical Show in the Chicago Convention Center in March 2020 through AQS! I was invited to be the only pattern designer presenting products at the AQS booth at the show. The book will be available through AQS at all their wonderful shows around the country. We are so excited to be presenting the book!

ALSO! We have for the first time had four of the eight flowers laser cut to see if our customers want lasers. We are cutting the sunflower, Iris, Poppy and Rose. I will post again next month when we release these new products! In the meantime…grab your self a NEW BIG BOOK! You are going to LOVE IT! goto BOOKS section in store


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Zebra Patterns and the Gabel’s, now of Leland North Carolina. Hope you and your have a GREAT NEW VISION for 2020!

Lacey at Wrightsville Beach 12.24.19

White Sands National Park!

They did it again folks! As of January 1, 2020 White Sands National Monument in New Mexico will officially become a NEW U.S. NATIONAL PARK! …so you know what that means for me! NEW Stamp! Take a look at my newest National Park – White Sands in NM. It will be available with all the other 61 National Parks on out site: Have you seen the new General National Parks Stamp?? It is great to get that one big as a 18 x 21 panel and put all the parks you have been to around it! Take a look.

National Parks 18 x 21 surrounded by many 6 x 7 Mini stamps
36″ x 42″ finished lap quilt.

2020 Quilters Trek Explained

QTrek Holiday Message

2020 says Good Bye to Row by Row Experience and HELLO To Quilters Trek! Listen to Janet describe the new program and feature the new fabrics and tokens I designed as Art Director of the new program.

I was Guest writer today on Quilters Trek 4 Points!

click link below to read all four points…

Quilters Trek WEBSITE

Be sure to visit the QT website and learn all about the global shop hop experience happening this summer in 2020! New program and new surprises!

Houston Festival 2019

BOOTH 1919

Come see us at market and/or at Festival at Booth 1919! See all 63 National Parks available now in our National ParkStamp™ line of printed cotton 6″x7″ panels. Also we have added more international destinations and locations.

We will be taking orders for new books that will be being released in January of 2020. For shop owners stop by and get custom charm stamp and custom pin cushions designed for your shop! We wan t partner with you to make custom quilts!


We’ve rowed and rowed. Our arms are tired. It’s time for something new!
That’s why I’m so excited to present Quilters Trek
A brand new color-guided shopping adventure starting in May of 2020. 
I’ll be sharing the fun details with you over the coming months.

That is right! Next summer you won’t be rowing you will be trekking! Sign up at to get all the details.

I have designed HUNDREDS of collectable fabric tokens that will be given away in fabric kits all over the world! Maybe you will be lucky and get a “GOLDEN TOKEN!”


All 63 National Parks are now available from

Pictured all 63 National Parks from Zebra Patterns by Debra Gabel. Available in 6x7" and 18 x 28"

Look what Robin did!

What a beautiful way a customer used Zebra Patterns Block Around the World book. Robin shared with us her story –

“My daughter studied at Lawrence University in Appleton WI and graduated with a Russian Studies major degree. I wanted to create a memorable gift of her accomplishing this degree with a unique display she would treasure forever on her wall in a future office. 

I found the Zebra Patterns sold by CT publishing and new I had found the starting focal point of this project.  I started looking through the fabric of mine and friends to locate what I needed to create my chosen pattern. I even dug through my craft supplies and found lace and ribbon that I thought might accent the pattern for the Saint Basil Cathedral.

Once the Cathedral was complete by tower then I assembled all the towers next was to select the background fabric and started to gather the items that were memorable to my daughter college time to create a time capsule.  A friend of mine is skilled in the embroidery stitching that was required, we chose white thread for the embroidery to accent the Cathedral.

I attached each special item, pictures of professors, flute, 3D printed item from the Appleton Pub library as these were all special memories, skills, and people that all needed to be part of this gift.

I’m so happy with the outcome and knew it all started with the pattern I purchased from Zebra Pattern/CT Publishing. Thanks to you for starting me on the path of creativity.” 

Thank you Robin for sharing your story and your work with us.

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