NEW STAMP! Bermuda

We are still at Hershey for Quilt Odyssey. I had several requests for Bermuda while we we’ve been here. So Guess what? Here’s Bermuda featuring St Peters Church Established 1612! Bermuda is a British Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. The church has been rebuilt from the original palm building way back when. I have not been to Bermuda – I need to go there! Want to come?

Bermuda City Stamp by Debra Gabel

Bermuda City Stamp by Debra Gabel

Calling all Bobbin the Robins.

Good Day Zebra Patterns Customers.

The 2017 Bobbin the Robin Selfie Contest is now underway.

2017 Bobbin cover  bobbinandfriends

This year there will be more than 60 – that’s not a typo – prizes.

A Rower from each state/province and country (Europe & UK) which have participating RxRE Shop(s) will be chosen to win one personalized 27.5″ x 13.5″ FabricPlate Display/Banner. Winners will be announced on 12/1/17 for photo submissions received no later than 11/15/17.

To learn more about contest details and photo submission information click here .

Need a Bobbin the Robin Pattern? That and so much more are available here at the Rowers Accessory Products Store page – or contact participating 2017 RxRE Shops – for this and many other 2017 RxRE themed products. Bookmark it today!

Share your Bobbin the Robin adventures on social media with your quilting friends and be sure to tag Zebra Patterns. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. 

                                    Meet just a couple of the 2016 winners.

  Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 8.20.30 AM






Frozen Needle

Honorary Mention Bobbin contest 2






Honorary Mention Bobbin Contest 1

Quilt Buddies

Looking forward to the many places of your Bobbin the Robins will visit.  Let the adventures begin.







NEW LOOK! … focused direction

NEW Zebra Logo 2017In Fall 2017 we will be sporting a new look for “Zebra Patterns”. The new logo is cleaner and states our specialty of creative concepts and designs.

As you all know we have hundreds of patterns. Zebra started in 2000 and started blazing a dynamic path in 2004-2005 after my bought with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I am still doing okay after my stem cell transplant 12 years ago. While we will always support our legacy applique pattern line, we are surging forward to focus on custom concepts and designs for quilt shops. We want to partner with you or your quilt shop to build your brand!

The success of the world famous Row by Row Experience® FabricPlates™ has continued to demonstrate the popularity of individuality of shops, while succeeding to join the quilt community together with one program. We are going to focus on helping shops with unique branding and custom design. That means supporting shop hops, retreats, cruises, guild events and any other focused group who wants CUSTOM items to build their brand.   Look at just a small sampling of custom work.


This focus has evolved organically as we have partnered with many shops and organizations over the past 10 years doing exactly this! Now we will focus on creative concepts and designs for individual shops and events that will help to build branding.

We will kick off in the Fall with CharmStamps™. These are an addition to the Row by Row Experience® FabricPlate™ program. They are fun unique Charm sized 5 x 5 inch printed cotton square panels featuring something special about that particular shop! Unlike the plates CharmStamps™ are a perfect shape to incorporate into any quilt requiring a 5×5 block! Take a look and PLEASE contact us to get involved NOW to get your art started. That means quilt guilds too! We will be posting a current list of stores that have or will be getting CharmStamps™ very soon! CHARMSTAMP Logo

Samples & Size Charmstamps

Charm Stamps Samples

We will be at Quilt Odyssey in HERSHEY PA this Thurs- Sunday!

2017 Fabric Plate QLT Odyssey

LIMITED Collector Hershey Plate this year!

Be Sure to Visit Us! BOOTH 505 This weekend!
Quilt Odyssey – Hershey Lodge PA 2017

This Thursday, July 20 – through Sunday, July 23!

We have Kits! Skinny Barn Quilt Kits, Where Ya Been? Kits, Skinny Barn Table runners! NEW Silhouette Laser Cuts! BOOTH 505!

Look what we have kitted!!!


Laser Kona Cotton Silhouettes with Steam a Seam 2 fusible on back by Debra Gabel of

Military Laser Cut Appliques with Fused backing

Military Laser Cut Appliques with Fused backing




WOW! This is Where They’ve Been!

Our special friends Christina and Phil in Seattle travel everywhere! I met Christina teaching on a Stitchin Heaven Cruise. The first night we had dinner I knew this was going to be a long term friendship! Christina made this awesome “Where Ya Been?” Quilt. These folks travel…. ALOT!  I am so happy to share this with you all! What a great memory quilt! Way to go Christina! Amazing!

Christinas WYB Quilt!

Christinas WYB Quilt!


I have to add this!!! Christina just posted these awesome totes! Very Cool! Love it!

Christina's totes

Christina’s totes

On a Roll! England Stamp done!

Those of you who have followed me over the years know when I get on a roll – I really design up a storm! So today I finished England! We have the CityStamp™ London but now we have the NationStamp™ England. For all those who love the English Countryside – here it is! It is Gold Hill. It is one of the most photographed areas in the England. It will be available at very soon. Keep tuned!

England NationStamp™ by Debra Gabel of Zebra

England NationStamp™ by Debra Gabel of Zebra


Lanai, Molokai and Scotland are NOW available at!

NEW Ireland stamp designed! See pix below.


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