I am thinking SPRING even though we are supposed to get 12″ of snow tonight! Look what is NEW and coming to Zebra for Spring! LASERCUTS! There will be 5 different Military silhouette laser cuts from Black Kona Cotton with Steam A Seam Lite 2 fusible already on the back! There will also be three different 12″ Christmas Silhouettes

Lasercut Kona Cotton Silhouettes with Steam a Seam 2 fusible on back by Debra Gabel of


What do you think?? They will be available at Spring market and on our website with great pricing! More infor coming soon!



We now have 24 National Parks to choose from. COLLECT THEM ALL!!!

America is celebrating the 100th Birthday of National  Parks. With Zebra Patterns 24 National Park Stamps and our “Where ya Been” pattern, you can create a one of a kind National Park fabric scrapbook quilt complete with National Park Stickers  of all the parks you have visited.    All 24 of the National Parks, National Park Sticker Panels and Where ya Been Patterns are available to purchase on website @  Check it out!

AD Natl Parks Minis update

Created by Debra Gabel at

Happy 107th Birthday Zion National Park

Did you know that Utah’s first national park was once known as Mukuntuweap Monument. First designated 107 years by President Taff as Mukuntuweap National Monument to preserve its unusual  , and re-designated as Zion National Park in 1919. Purchase your Zion National Park Stamp at

Zion UT 80208 Natl Pk Panel

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park, California. Star Wars fans, did you know that dozens of scenes from Star Wars have been filmed in Death Valley?  It also has had the highest recorded temperature of 134F, measured in July, 1913. It is said to be the hottest, lowest, and driest place in the United States.

Death Valley National Park

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Badlands S.D. National Park

You asked for it, you got it.  Badlands National Park, South Dakota.  You’ve been stamped!


Badlands National Park South Dakota

Created by Debra Gabel at