Is it possible to have even more fun with Row by Row Experience™?

We do not know if it is, but we are going to try! This year we joining the Adult Coloring Book Craze and we will be offering a Row by Row Experience Coloring Book™! It is travel size measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″ with 17 quilty designs of our themed “Home Sweet Home” houses. These houses are the same houses featured in this year’s souvenir fabric from Timeless Treasures of Soho. Quilters, you can get yours soon through your favorite participating quilt shops across America, Canada and Europe! Shops will be getting information of how to get the books in their shops! Follow us on FB for all the latest news. RxRE Coloring Book AD


Nunavut 18x21Our Canadian friends let us know that stamps in Canada have a particular “P” logo on them, representing “Permanent”  – similar to our “Forever” markings. So we revised all our Canadian stamps to reflect that change! I will be adding the Canadian Set to the website very soon!

AD Canadian Minis

Another NEW STAMP!

Gary and I were in Victoria, British Columbia this past September and  we saw this magnificent parliament capital building all lit up – GORGEOUS!

British Columbia ProvinceStamp™ By Debra Gabel

British Columbia ProvinceStamp™ By Debra Gabel

New Stamp!

I have included two popular Canadian Lighthouses on the new Labrador/Newfoundland ProvinceStamp™. Pictured are Point Amour Lighthouse in Labrador and Cape Spear in Newfoundland. As an artist it is always a challenge to represent a state or province or territory in a 6″ x 7″ panel. In Canada these two areas are often paired. I took one  popular lighthouses from each area and combined them in one stamp. Obviously this is not reality – but artistic license lets me make this two huge locations in Canada live in one little 6″ x 7″ stamp!


ProvinceStamp™ by Debra Gabel of zebra Patterns

ProvinceStamp™ by Debra Gabel of zebra Patterns

Happy Holidays and Update for Zebra

hap holWe here at Zebra Patterns would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. We have had a crazy fall! Gary and I started by going on a Cruise to Alaska with Stitchin Heaven. I taught a “Where Ya Been?” Quilt class. It was fun and beautiful! We made new crazy friends- Christina and Philip Hamm! So much fun! If you have never done a quilt cruise – give it a try! Stitchin Heaven does it right! I will be teaching on a cruise to the Caribbean in January of 2017! Join Us!

Mendenhall Glacier 4 Tracey's Crabs IMG_2472IMG_2506






















After that I hit, Cleveland, Orlando, Houston and Columbus Ohio – again, all for work. Then in November we took a 2 week Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest! Amazing trip! Guess who I met on the trip????… yep another quilter! Joe and Kay Hood are from Virginia Beach and we had a great time together! I have lots of inspiration for more Zebra Stamps!


IMG_0128 IMG_2658 IMG_2847 IMG_2686 IMG_2850 IMG_0145 IMG_3074 IMG_0138 IMG_0213 IMG_3045 IMG_3185IMG_3563 IMG_3415 IMG_3474 IMG_3492 IMG_3675 IMG_3955





















Now we are well into full swing getting ready for FabricPlates™ for 2016 Row by Row. My goal for 2016 is to get Zebra into Digital Applique! Hold me to it! I will be creating a new applique group as well – not sure what that topic will be – but it is coming!

INSERT RxR FabricPlates


Glacier National Park – Montana!

Learning new stuff all the time! After we launched the first 15 National Parks Stamps I learned that Glacier Bay is a Nat’l Park in Alaska. However Glacier National Park is a separate park in Montana! So I needed to make a new stamp! So for all those Park goers – this one is for you – in MONTANA! Glacier Nat’l Park – no bay! lol

Glacier Bay 80186 18 x 21

New CityStamp™! Curaçao

This winter cold mades me want to head south! Hmmm Curacao – I need to go tonight! Rainy and cold here in Baltimore! Who is coming with me?Curaçao


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