Look what Robin did!

What a beautiful way a customer used Zebra Patterns Block Around the World book. Robin shared with us her story –

“My daughter studied at Lawrence University in Appleton WI and graduated with a Russian Studies major degree. I wanted to create a memorable gift of her accomplishing this degree with a unique display she would treasure forever on her wall in a future office. 

I found the Zebra Patterns sold by CT publishing and new I had found the starting focal point of this project.  I started looking through the fabric of mine and friends to locate what I needed to create my chosen pattern. I even dug through my craft supplies and found lace and ribbon that I thought might accent the pattern for the Saint Basil Cathedral.

Once the Cathedral was complete by tower then I assembled all the towers next was to select the background fabric and started to gather the items that were memorable to my daughter college time to create a time capsule.  A friend of mine is skilled in the embroidery stitching that was required, we chose white thread for the embroidery to accent the Cathedral.

I attached each special item, pictures of professors, flute, 3D printed item from the Appleton Pub library as these were all special memories, skills, and people that all needed to be part of this gift.

I’m so happy with the outcome and knew it all started with the pattern I purchased from Zebra Pattern/CT Publishing. Thanks to you for starting me on the path of creativity.” 

Thank you Robin for sharing your story and your work with us.


We are HERE!

Staying in temp housing but we are here! …. in North Carolina near Wilmington and LOVING it!

New Beginnings!

It is really sinking in that we are starting a new journey. Here is a brief update on Zebra Patterns!

We are down here in Leland NC, which is about 10 minutes from Wilmington NC. We are staying in my brothers home which is located in the same development as our new home. Our home is still scheduled to close on September 15, 2019. We will be adding a pool starting Sept 16 so we are hoping everything will be done and we will be settled by Thanksgiving.

I have included pix of our new house and a pix of our new business cards. The business card is what triggered this whole blog post. Wow, we are really not in Kansas any longer ToTo!

We are loving it so far. Love the biking on flat ground and being 15 minutes from the beach. We became members of a local theater establishment named Thailand Hall and have enjoyed live plays and documentaries at the historic hall in Wilmington. We bought in a place called Brunswick Forest. It is an amazing community with beautiful homes and lots of happy friendly people from the northern Eastern area. http://www.brunswickforest.com

As for Zebra Patterns we are now all set up in an air conditioned storage facility 1 mile from where we are living. I have included pix of our arrangements. We did go to Hershey to participate in Quilt Odyssey last week. So really it is business as usual but in NC.

Why did we relocate? We lived in a beautiful part of Maryland in Howard County. It was beautiful with amazing schools and a rich culture. It was also home to high taxes, winter snow and increasing traffic challenges. We have three boys that are in Ohio, Seattle, and NYC, so getting together with them is not a simple drive away. The nest is truly empty and it was time for a change. The new home will have an office for Gary (Zebra Central) and a MUCH smaller studio for me above the garage.

It’s been great to set off on a totally new adventure, but certainly not without challenges. Moving a 5 bedroom home on 3 acres and an intensive inventory from Zebra Patterns is not a simple feat! I have said it before and I will say it again – if you have any notion of moving someday start packing NOW!!!! OMG! We packed all boxes and moved at least 2/3 of the load ourselves! That was CRAZY! The movers moved the furniture. It is done now – one more move from storage to the house!

How do we collect so much junk? OMG! We did our best to weed out the excess. I look forward to unpacking and ridding myself of more. So that is the Gabel/Zebra wrap up. If you are ever considering relocation to warmer and more affordable region and would like to visit our new much smaller 3 bedroom abode – COME! We would love to show you around. Keep fingers crossed for an on-time closing. – Debra

New Zebra Business Cards!
In progress, still awaits interior finishing and shutters and columns.
Unit 84 is the new home for Zebra Inventory.
Always adding new stuff – visit our new website!

Christmas in July

Christmas in July here at Hershey.
Are you thinking Christmas? It’s not too early to start those holiday projects. Stop by our booth #509 to pick up the Dickens Panel or Pattern bundle. Each bundle includes either 6 pre printed panels or applique’ patterns, a sticker panel, snowflake sequins and the tree skirt pattern. Everything you need to create a beautiful heirloom to be gifted or used year after year.

UFO’s Do Exist…..

At least they do at Zebra Patterns. Stop by and see our latest fun FabricPlates and CharmStamps. Quilt Odyssey – Hershey – Booth 509

Quilt Odyssey, here we come!

The 20th Year of Quilt Odyssey will be open July 25-28 at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center, 325 University Drive, Hershey, PA. and we will be there.  Visit us in booth 509.  We’d love to see you. Stop by to see the newest locations added to the stamps. 

This is where you can pick up all your stamp needs to create your quilt scrapbook of your travels.  We have many new locations added this year. 

For more information on Quilt Odyssey click here.  If you are unable to make it to the show, you can still get your stamps along with other Zebra Pattern items click here.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Zebra Patterns has moved

What’s new with the Gabel’s. Well the boys are grown and out on their own and we felt it was time to downsize. So we have relocated our home and the business from Maryland to North Carolina. It has been a busy and sometimes crazy these last few months. But we’ve survived and all is well. Zebra Patterns is open and operational. Though we have had slight difficulties with the phone company. Please rest assure we are here and available to help you. 410-531-9051 and 410-531-9059 are no longer in service. The new number is 667-300-8998. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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